Qasim Rashid Esq.

We are officially sending more military and troops to stop a few thousand desperate migrants fleeing terror and poverty, than we have fighting Daesh.

Worse yet, it was US Policy that significantly contributed to many of these desperate families needing to flee their home nations and seek asylum in the first place. If we don’t want refugees, how about we stop creating them?

Finally, these migrants are Christians. How is the “most Christian administration ever” going to use violence to stop desperate Christians? Smh mind blowing.

From Newsweek:

> The U.S. military will have an actual force of up to 14,000 ready to intervene at the southern border with Mexico, including an additional 7,000 planned deployment in reserves on round-the-clock standby.


> The Pentagon announced Monday that it will send up to 5,200 troops to the border ahead of the anticipated arrival of a caravan of Central American migrants that President Donald Trump has warned would not be able to enter the country. These troops, which "are in fact deploying with weapons" will join up to 2,000 National Guards already at the border for a combined force of about 7,200—or about the same amount of U.S. soldiers involved in the battle against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria.


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