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Leigh Teece

The unresolved political conflict we face in our society will destroy the freedom and prosperity we take for granted.

Our vision is to enable you to have the power to create a new and better future. Our passion is to empower you to solve problems and contribute to a better world.

We need a new social movement based on creating solutions. This is the vision of the Progressive Liberty Movement. We can join together on a solid basis of values we share. Then we can move creatively to address areas of disagreement.

Our mission is to enable transparent thought-leaders to create robust communities of like-minded people. We provide a powerful, proven and uncensored platform to achieve this. We encourage and support our communities to work together to develop and implement effective solutions.

We have framed the structure of Progressive Liberty into two areas:

Solutions Mindset and Solutions Voters.

The Solutions Mindset creates a culture of optimism and positivism. Optimism is a prime driver of success; success revolves around happiness like the planets revolve around the sun. We will support success based on the effective problem-solving that drives solutions-based happiness.

A Solutions Mindset leads to the knowledge that our voices will be heard and our words will have impact. Once our voices are heard, we elect representatives who respect our voices. We become Solutions Voters.

Solutions Voters encompass the communities who recognize the importance of having our voices heard. We understand that our elected representatives must also be problem-solvers who seek viable solutions that address needs as we see them.

Since we all have different needs, hopes and desires, the same solutions won’t be right for everyone. Our communities will openly discuss areas of disagreement with respect and civility. Tribalism doesn’t fit this model, nor does hate speech. We can still agree to disagree while we work together towards those solutions that are most important to us. 

Co-Editors, Michael Strong, Chair & Leigh Teece, CEO Progressive Liberty Movement

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