Pat Greer

Pat Greer

Glad you had a chance to check out what we are doing at Political Storm. When the site was created the goal was to bridge the gap created by divisive politics by giving everyone a chance to be heard in their own voice. There is no silencing. No Censorship. Just everyone given a place where they can feel at home, and speak like they are among family. This means you may see what you don't want to see, and hear what you don't want to hear. This is because We are community enforced, meaning that the community decides what is appropriate on our you are judged by your peers. You think it would be the wild west out here, but it isn't. People are far more sensible that the media would like you to believe. But you know that already, which is why you are here. And me? I'm the guy who helps keep it together. You can check me out here or on my links below. IG: Hi_My_Name_Is_Pat YouTube: Pat Greer FB-Pat Greer

Brooklyn, New York

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