Why Does Facebook Hate This Nutcracker? Hint: It's Because Of Trump


Meet President Nutcracker. He is a 13.5" limited edition collectible nutcracker inspired by President Donald Trump.

The grinches over at Facebook hate President Nutcracker. For the past two years since his launch, Facebook has made marketing and promotion of this adorable holiday decoration next to impossible. From shadowbanning posts and ads, to rejecting all ads entirely because they involve "political or social content", advertising on the (frequently) promoted ad platform has been impossible. Why?

Even person to person promotion of this hand detailed patriotic nutcracker on Facebook has been suppressed, either by reducing post reach, or worse, banning posts and putting the creators and supporters of President Nutcracker in "FB Jail". An innocent photo of President Nutcracker sitting on Santa's lap was determined to violate Facebook's community standards and resulted in a 30 day ban for the designer's husband who posted it. Why?

Perhaps it is because the designer and creator (yours truly) of President Nutcracker is an avid and vocal Trump supporter. I'm Suzzanne Monk, host of a live podcast called Trump Talk US, author of three books on pro Trump activism and a well known advocate for our President, Donald Trump. I have experienced first hand the increasing suppression of pro Trump or pro conservative thought on Facebook (as have so many others). I'm currently serving a 30 day ban for daring to engage in polite conversation about religion. I don't know what about my comment was offensive, or to whom. A review request warranted no remedy, and so like last year when my page was inexplicably deleted, I am unable to promote my little nutcracker buddy through the holidays.

My ban ends conveniently on December 24th.

I could list a litany of suppression tactics used against me, my show Trump Talk US, and my innocent and festive President Nutcracker, but we have heard them all before. So many others are experiencing the same thing. Going to FB jail for unexplained violations, randomly being unable to use certain features with no violation, not getting notifications for a page or even unliking pages without your consent. It's become a way of social media life. Everyone I know has three "alt accounts" just to get around this senseless harassment and censorship. We have grown to think of our speech as "safe" or "dangerous" based on whether or not the liberals working in Facebook community standards get triggered by it or not. Speaking conservative truth on social media is known as a risk in this Big Brother era we live under in our so called advanced modern times.

Who knew that Big Brother was going to be Mark Zuckerberg?

And who knew he hated nutcrackers so much?

Like many other small online business owners, I am what the internet was invented for. We are the booming internet economy we were promised in the 80s and 90s. The internet has made being a functional artist possible for many crafters like myself. Social media was a great, even vital companion to online markets, but in today's oppressive PC environment, in the era of partisan biased censorship, I and many others like me are being robbed of that promise of economic success.

We all know something has to be done. These social media giants that operate like large monopolistic publishers have not lived up to their own agreements to us, the consumer. Instead of "helping us to connect and communicate with family and friends" they have literally prohibited us from communicating with family and friends for merely being a conservative.

Some suggest that Congressional regulations are possible, but Congress has no interest in protecting Trump supporters from their liberal allies at Facebook. Some suggest regulation through a bureaucratic agency. or by executive order. Some have suggested using an alternative site (although corporate espionage has certainly led to there being few viable competitors to Facebook). I haven't figured out what the answer is, but I know that we must find one and find it soon. If we don't we are at risk of losing our value of free speech, not from any unConstitutionally written law, but from fear generated by a corporation with an agenda.

I use social media to promote my nutcracker, to do activism work, and to connect with friends. When I am punished for speech that Facebook disagrees with, I am prohibited from earning, working, or connecting. I am put in isolation. One of the great human fears, isolation has long been used to motivate "proper" behavior in prisoners. It is highly effective psychologically. And it effects not only the isolated person, but all the other prisoners as well. When others see me punished for my speech, they learn to control their own speech out of fear of incurring the same punishment I have received.

Facebook is teaching us conservatives to censor ourselves by punishing and harassing the most vocal of us as "an example" of what happens to people who dare to speak the truth. What truth? The truth about illegals, radical Islam, antisemitism, racism, liberal failed policies, the LGBT agenda, socialism, or any other of the sacred cows of the Left. We are learning to give up our free speech dribble by dribble in order to participate in the privately owned public square. We are falling step by step into self imposed left wing fascism.

Something must be done. But what? What will bring down the fascist Goliath social media giants and restore the love of free speech that once made this country great? What will make the internet great again, safe for nutcracker crafters to proffer their presidential nutcrackers in peace, not in fear of faceless community standards gestapo? Who knows.

In the interim, if you want an adorable, festive, handcrafted collectible nutcracker that looks like President Trump, don't expect to find it on Facebook. They hate President Nutcracker over there.

You'll have to go to www.presidentnutcracker.com to get yours.