White Women Are Not Allowed To Make Burritos and Other Racist Things.

Sorry folks. Taco Tuesday may be over for good. Why? It’s racist.

I mean, unless you are Latino. Or have a Latino cook. Latinos can cook tacos. If other races cook tacos, it is “cultural appropriation” and that, say the SJW crowd, is racist.

Maybe, maybe you can make those crappy white people tacos….maybe. But no authentic salsa. Unless it’s made by a person of Latino heritage. No Chihuahua cheese….too authentic, too “culturally appropriating”. And you better not make delicious homemade tortillas. That is WAY too racist. SJWs are not gonna stand for it anymore.

I’m not certain how all of the various ethnic and domestic style restaurants are going to keep operating in major cities across America. See, many of the cooking staff in the restaurant industry are in fact Latino, and since you can only make the food of your own genetic origin according to the Left, there’s going to be a problem at Italian and French restaurants, Sushi bars and Swedish bakeries across the country……and I don’t know what the family diners serving a variety of foods will do. Hire more cooks, I guess. Does anybody know a French chef for the Golden Nugget? How else will they serve crepes?

And sorry, Subway, unless your sandwich artists are subjects of the Queen of England, you are culturally appropriating the culture of the descendants of the Earl of Sandwich. Racism is not acceptable, even for $5.

This all sounds absurd, I know. It is. Much of the stuff the social “justice” crowd comes up with is absurd. It probably sounds a bit racist. It is, as is the idea of “cultural appropriation” itself. That doesn’t stop the SJWs from ruining lives in the name of their version of cultural purity. But what does this have to do with tacos, Suzzanne, you ask? I’ll tell you.

As reported recently by Fox, two women (white women, I must mention) in Portland, OR who made delicious burritos were forced shut down their successful food cart, Kooks Burritos. The business owners did an interview with a local paper about their burritos, their special tortillas, and how their menu was inspired by a recent trip to Mexico. The two entrepreneurs were very impressed by the local Mexican beach food and gathered as much knowledge as they could in order to recreate the tastes they enjoyed on vacation. Typical chef inspiration story. Heck, Rick Bayless, host of Mexico One Plate At A Time, made a whole show about it.

However, the online bullying community decided that white women who learned to make tortillas on a Mexico trip aren’t smart cooks and business women. No. They are dirty racist appropriators who “stole” the recipe for tortillas from “suffering indigenous Mexicans”. They are harming the poor people of Mexico with their delicious burritos and their evil profit motive. They had to be stopped, the SJWs cried. The crime of “cultural appropriation” had to be purged from the streets of Portland. Enter local bloggers from The Portland Mercury to help push the mission along. No Burritos By Whitey! Spread the word….stop the cultural appropriation, be a good SJW. Result? Another small business and great meal ruined by those PC nazis.

Cultural appropriation is a term used to describe the “benefitting by praise or profit for using something from a culture other than your own”. It’s bad, the SJWs say. The poor indigenous peoples are being exploited when you “use” their culture, leftists claim. And you are being a racist and continuing the oppression of minority races. Even if all you are doing is being white while making a great tortilla. What the SJW crowd never seems to explain is why they support the same racial purity of the segregationists they claim to oppose.

See, cultural appropriation has actually been going on since, well, forever. It’s a natural function of civilization. When people of different cultures interact, they share those cultures and incorporate them into their own. In this way humans share advances, and frankly just delicious ideas (like tacos) and these exchanges affect our cultures permanently. In many, many, wonderful ways. Culture has been being exchanged in this way for so long that it is nearly impossible to know where one culture ends and another truly begins, and in this way sharing culture has made us all one human race, and brought us together for centuries. What is ignorantly called cultural appropriation now was once rightly called cosmopolitanism in previous decades, and was the hallmark of modernity, progress and peace between different cultures. It was, and is, a GOOD thing.

Those who oppose cosmopolitanism are no different from other racist groups calling for segregation. They seek to confine us all into the group of our genetics. Segregationists seek to separate us physically by race. SJWs seek to separate us culturally by race. At the core of their concept of “cultural appropriation” is the idea of racial cultural purity. Those of us who believe in racial integration and true equality enjoy the cultural exchanges and fusion cultures our cosmopolitan ideals provide. SJWs want us all to stay in the cultural box our parents checked on our birth certificate. The fact that they seek to first define us all by our race, and not our character, can lead to only one conclusion. They are, though they refuse to admit it, actually the racists they claim to hate. To oppose cultural appropriation is to first and foremost support the racist segregation of culture. Which is why the whole notion on it’s face is ridiculously hypocritical.

What will it take to defeat this ridiculous idea of “cultural appropriation” and restore the values of cosmopolitanism that have brought us all of the wonderful human advances that we have today? When will the SJW crowd step off of their high horses of delusion and recognize that the bagel and cappuccino they bought on the way to yoga class were the beautiful result of the “cultural appropriation” they claim to despise? And why is being a social justice warrior so filled with hypocrisy?

We may never know the answers. What we do know is this:

Burritos are delicious. Even the ones made by white women. I’m gonna go get one now. Bon Appetite, amigos. Viva la cultural appropriation, especially with a side of guac.