When Governments Don’t Respect The Vote Of Their People

What do the Brexit mess and the Mueller Investigation have in common?

As someone who lives in both the UK and the US, I’ve been watching the parallels between Brexit and Donald Trump’s election ever since David Cameron, the Prime Minister of The UK promised the Brexit Referendum in 2015. It’s clear to me that both Brexit and the Trump election were the result of popular uprisings where people believed that their country was headed in the wrong direction on immigration policy and that there was an existential threat to their nation’s sovereignty. In both countries, there’s been a massive effort by Liberal Elites and Globalists in both governments, to nullify the outcome of a legal democratic process.

The influx of Eastern European settlers in the UK since 2004 and the number of illegal settlers in the US over several decades, has placed a real burden on schools, hospitals, and social services and pressure on wages at the lower levels of employment. Both the UK and US governments failed to either anticipate these obvious problems, or plan for them properly. This resulted in Brexit and the surprising election of Donald Trump.

The Establishment in both countries were shocked when the outcome of the Brexit Referendum and the Presidential election in 2016 went against their globalist agenda and have since done everything in their power to deny the validity of the ballots that went against them. They continue to deny that wages and government services are strained, and they dismiss the “Brexiteers” and Trump supporters as xenophobic racists.

The UK government’s nullification of the Brexit vote is evidenced by their complete lack of preparation for Brexit and this has created a crisis as the March deadline approaches. In the US, the rejection of the vote is manifested in the “Russian Collusion” story that was created to prove Trump isn’t a legitimate President. It’s played out in the media each day, fueled by leaks from the Mueller investigation.

Let’s start with Brexit; there’s a lot of background to this contentious issue, and as an American who spends most of his time in the UK, I’ll try to unpack this for you. First, it’s important to know that the UK laws and regulations must be in line with EU regulations. The UK law is secondary to EU law. There are a large number of UK citizens who feel that they got a little more than they bargained for by joining the EU; they lost their sovereignty in exchange for open borders within the EU and one market.

Furthermore, EU citizens are free to live and work in any country in the EU. This sounds good, and it is to a point. And this works pretty well as long as you’re willing to surrender your sovereignty to faceless officials in Brussels. But then most of Eastern Europe joined the EU between 2004 and 2007. This created a large influx of workers and families in the UK, Germany and France.

As a result of the migration of EU residents and other immigration from elsewhere, the UK’s resources of housing, National Health Service (The NHS), schools and employment are all under pressure. Many in the UK believe that wages at the low end of the job spectrum have fallen or stagnated.

Then, in 2015, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany unilaterally allowed 1 million refugees from the Middle East and Africa into her country. Humanitarian? Perhaps, but under EU rules, after 6 years, these refugees are eligible to settle anywhere in the EU. This coincided “nicely” with the Brexit vote in the UK in June 2016.

Brexit became a reality in June 2016 by a thin margin of 52 to 48 percent; 72 percent of UK citizens voted in the referendum. Immediately, the elites began disparaging their fellow citizens who voted “yes” on Brexit. I actually heard presenters on talk radio say things that mocked the “uneducated” folks who voted for Brexit! The people who voted for Brexit were described as Nationalists, Racists and Xenophobes for wanting to create a UK immigration policy that controlled its own borders.

Since that time there has been a continual braying by the so-called “Remainers” for another referendum since the result was by such a thin margin. I won’t go into all of the details, but it’s clear that neither the Conservative Government under Theresa May nor the shadow government under the Labor Party’s Jeremy Corbyn, have done anything to contemplate what true independence from Europe would look like and the UK is perilously close to an unplanned “Hard Brexit” because the establishment was opposed to the people’s vote. The British government establishment didn’t want Brexit and they’ve done everything they can to nullify it. As of this writing, it looks like the Government that failed to plan for Brexit may actually fall. Stay tuned…

Does any of this remind you of what’s happened since Donald Trump was elected in 2016? If you recall, his main theme was and is about “building the wall” and securing our borders. Have you noticed that it isn’t getting done? He’s achieved almost everything he set out to do except the one of the things globalists abhor - secure national borders and the ability to maintain national sovereignty.

From day one following Trump’s election, there has been an attempt by the political elite and The Left to nullify Trump’s victory and to vilify those who voted for him. First, his opponents, who cried foul that he didn’t win the popular vote and second, the courts who continue to thwart his immigration policy and last but not least, by those in Washington that allowed a Special Prosecutor to be appointed to look into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Which remains unproven.

Now we hear of yet another “process crime” being created by Mueller’s team to put away Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who plead guilty for lying to Congress in exchange for testimony that the Trump organization was working with Russia to build a new Trump Tower in Moscow as late as the summer of 2016, something Trump has denied.

Mark Penn, former Clinton advisor (both to Bill and Hillary), wrote about this about Cohen's plea agreement recently in The Hill:

But it’s clear now Mueller is no longer looking for crimes in the presidential race of 2016. He is simply creating a narrative to delegitimize the president and to string together his words to Comey with the Flynn indictment, Cohen with Stormy Daniels payment, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi with ties to Julian Assange, and now Cohen with underplaying Russia connections. And let’s not forget the Trump Tower meeting with the attorney who was also conveniently working with Fusion GPS.

Another process crime, but not evidence of a “high crime or misdemeanor.” And so it goes…on and on.

Trump’s supporters were worried about the direction their country was taking after President Obama said he wanted to “re-make” America. They understood when Trump spoke about the “Swamp” in Washington and how trade with foreign countries, under the guise of “globalism,” was often unfair. They wanted no part of subservience to the whims of the UN or The Paris Climate Accords that smelled like loss of United States sovereignty. And while very few Americans oppose a legal system of immigration, they watched as their leaders turned a blind eye to the proliferation of illegal immigration and its consequences. Our leaders’ “solutions” are an amnesty every once in awhile, but there has been no real comprehensive immigration reform. Meanwhile, the governing elites in our society continue to deny any negative consequences of this unchecked problem.

Donald Trump was elected because of his immigration and anti-globalism message, not because of his elocution or diction. The elites in Washington and their henchman, Robert Mueller are trying their best to get rid of Trump. By doing so, they are essentially telling Trump’s voters that their vote doesn’t matter. If this is allowed to succeed, we will be in a world of hurt as a nation.

For views of coming attractions, just look to the UK and their Brexit mess, where people voted for national sovereignty and control of their borders, and were called names and everyone landed in a quagmire. The governing elites always know best. Right?

Jon Saltzman is the publisher of Political Storm


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