Virginia Dems: Everyone We Dislike Is A White Supremacist (Even If They Aren't)


I'm convinced that the Democrats, at least in nearby Virginia, are desperate. Why else would they resort to taking a page out of Antifa's handbook and accusing any one they disagree with of being a "white supremacist"? The only answer is a desperate attempt to bring down Virginia Republicans Denver Riggleman, VA 5th district, and pro-Trump Senate Candidate Corey Stewart.

From Merriam-Webster dictionary:

"White supremacist - noun : a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races."

I included the definition here in the article in case anyone from the DPVA is reading this. They obviously do not know it. Their recent press release slandering 22 yr. old conservative activist Isaac Smith as a white supremacist is written proof that the Democrats have "alternative definitions" when it comes to who is a "white supremacist". They have weaponized the word against any vulnerable target they see fit regardless of merit. In the process, lives and livelihoods are left to suffer the consequences of the Democrats' public slander for political gain.

The whole thing is really just a sadly obvious attempt by the DPVA to connect Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart with a "known white supremacist". The problem being, they would first have to invent the white supremacist, and their strategic target became a young conservative, Isaac Smith. Smith was the ideal choice for the Democrat sharks: he was young, only 22, and thus less likely to have legal resources to defend himself, he'd had the good fortune of supporting Corey Stewart, and more important, had his picture taken with him. Isaac had also had the misfortune of working with Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler prior to the planning of the now infamous Charlottesville rally that resulted in violence. More importantly, he'd had his picture taken with Kessler. Isaac was the perfect scapegoat for the DPVA's obviously desperate strategy against Corey Stewart and the VA GOP.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit, I am a personal friend of Isaac Smith's. I also must admit that I endorsed Corey Stewart in the primary, and continue to support his run for Senate. Lastly, I must admit, I am not a resident of Virginia, so my opinion on the Virginia election is all I can offer as I don't get a vote in the matter. Yet it is for all of those reasons that I feel I am perhaps the best person to call out the shameful slander of a young man who has done nothing more than try to participate in his government and impact his world in a positive manner. The DPVA should be ashamed of themselves for these despicable tactics.

From their press release on June 27th titled "Denver Riggleman Campaigns With White Supremacist in VA-05":

"Republican Denver Riggleman, while refusing to answer whether he'll support Corey Stewart, campaigns with white supremacist Isaac Smith..."

"Riggleman has now taken a page out of Stewart's book as he has hit the trail with a well-known white supramacist."

"Denver campaigned with white nationalist Isaac Smith"

"Despite all the hate and vitriol Isaac Smith stands for...."

"DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker condemned Riggleman for his political romance with white supremacists like Isaac Smith."

"By rolling out the welcome mat to white nationalist Isaac Smith, Denver's made it clear where he stands on hate and bigotry. Denver might as well stop dodging whether he stands with Corey Stewart as he has now shown Virginians he is proud to campaign with destructive bigots like Isaac Smith."

(Link to the DPVA press release quoted: )

Just imagine waking up and reading all of that about yourself. Now also imagine that you had worked in support of the campaigns of several black candidates such as Chuck Smith and Kenny Jackson, stood and spoke in support of Iranian regime change and liberation with Iranian immigrants, and even hosted a large Fredrick Douglas Day Celebration....and you woke up and read that about yourself. Visualize sipping your morning coffee trying to figure out how you are going to defend your honor after the Democrat Party has accused you of being a "well-known white supremacist" and a "destructive bigot". Oh, and don't forget, remember to imagine you are only 22, and you'll understand why I have been forced to call out the DPVA for slander and attacking an innocent young man. It is utterly unacceptable what they have done to young Mr. Smith.

\\\\\\\\\\*Isaac w/ team for the 2018 Frederick Douglass Celebration.\\\\\\\\\\*                    

The entire argument the Democrats have against Mr. Smith is their false claim that in early 2017 he worked with Jason Kessler on the Unite the Right Rally. Jason Kesler is the big bad boogeyman that wouldn't disavow working with white nationalist Richard Spencer who is possibly BFFs with David Duke, who as everybody knows is a white supremacist. Kessler planned and held the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that broke out in violence. Though Mr. Kessler was adamant that he was not working with known white nationalists, and swore this to many groups and individuals who were invited to attend the Unite the Right Rally, he actually was working with them.

The reality is that Mr. Smith did not work on the Unite the Right Rally. He had worked with Kessler on the recall of Charlottesville vice mayor, Wes Bellamy. By the time the Unite the Right Rally was being planned, Isaac had already begun distancing himself from Kessler.

Unlike some of the other patriot groups that unfortunately got hoodwinked into attending the August 11th rally, Isaac found out months before the rally about Kessler's nefarious motives. He resigned from the organization Unity and Security for America that he shared with Kessler in mid May. He was interviewed in July denouncing the Unite the Right rally and disavowing Jason Kessler. He spent weeks trying to inform other rally invitees about Kessler's white nationalist connections and convincing people not to go to the rally. Isaac actually tried to stop the disaster that became the Charlottesville tragedy.

Yet with all of that, the DPVA still has the gall to accuse young Mr. Smith of bigotry and hate because they have a picture of him with the 'evil Jason Kessler'. And they have pictures of him with candidates Corey Stewart and Denver Riggleman. With Kessler disavowed, the DPVA needs a new "smoking gun" to connect Corey and Denver to white nationalist ties and they want to turn Isaac into that link, regardless of the truth.

The trigger for all of this is the attack on statues of southern history. Robert E. Lee statues and other monuments the left considers unacceptable have been torn down in recent years by Democrat activists seeking to erase history in sculpture form.

Corey Stewart and Isaac Smith both have RIGHTLY stood to protect and defend "Confederate" monuments. They stood up against the progressive erasure of history, which was and is always the right thing to do. The Left wrongly believes that tearing down statues from history they don't like will make that history disappear. Smart and responsible people know that we must remember and honor history, lest we be doomed to repeat it.

Yet the war between the Left's destruction of historical truth and the right's push to protect and conserve history wages on. It seems the Democrats are not above destroying a young man's life with a vicious slanderous racist lie. Not if they can use the "photo trail" to connect him to their most loathed opponent. By calling Isaac Smith a white supremacist they can connect Stewart and Riggleman to "known racists". It doesn't matter if they actually are white supremacists or racists. If you repeat a lie enough, as the saying goes.

The strategy is absurdly weak. "Guilt by association" is usually a weak strategy as it first requires everyone agrees with your premise of guilt by association, agrees there has been an association, and agrees there is something to be guilty about. In this strategy to make Corey and Denver guilty of white supremacy by association with Isaac Smith, the Democrats fail to prove association or guilt, and in the process destroyed a young man's reputation.

The DPVA is desperate, so much so that they are resorting to lies and slander to try and defeat the GOP candidates. I suspect many more VA voters will #walkaway from the DPVA because of neo-fascist tactics like the ones the Democrat Party of Virginia is using.

It's getting so you can't tell the Democrats and Antifa apart anymore.

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  1. Corey flip flopped so many times you can't even begin to blame the left for this, he makes it so easy for them

  2. Nehlen is and always an alt right candidate. Extremes to the right and left are worrisome. Extreme politics will never be the solution to our societal problems.

  3. Guilt by association is inadmissible because? Because great guys normally hang out with goons and then we lead them to DC? Political aspirants must be scrutinized down to the last detail of their public lives otherwise it's a disservice to the voting public. And with all these info right now, the public is deeply repulsed.

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  1. Yes, Corey has disavowed white supremacy a multitude of times on multiple platforms. Only the left plays this game of pretending to 'refuse support'. No democrat is asking for undesirable supporters to not vote for them or not tell others to vote for them. So to expect GOP candidates to demand certain people "not support" them is absurd.
  2. Everybody was blindsided by Nehlens meltdown, and prior to thst meltdown he was a great candidate. So to suggest a "Nehlen connection" is equally absurd. Lots of GOP connected with Nehlen pre meltdown. Even I knew Nehlen personally.
  3. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MY ARTICLE IS ABOUT. This game of "guilt by association " is just a pathetic attempt to use and increase racial division over false pretenses for political gain. Sad.

Corey Stewart hasn't renounced his white supremacist ties has he? Publicly? He tells us one thing (doesn't want to be associated by them) but does the complete opposite (continues accepting their support). How about his Nehlen association? Have you covered that?

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Well the democrats' strategy didn't work because apparently Stewart still won the primaries which tells us he has the support of the Republicans. Wonder how well he goes against Kaine

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Welcome back Suzzanne! Your commentary is spot on here. Your last line is sad but true.


This is very serious.