Trump Wins Over Liberal Voter Stronghold Democrats Are In 2020 Trouble.

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Trump Wins Over Liberal Voter Stronghold Democrats Are In 2020 Trouble.

They’ve been voting for Democrats for decades – now Donald has them in his pocket.

Democrats might not admit it, but Donald Trump should easily win in 2020. The economy is reaching record heights. Regulations and taxes are slashed. Americans have more money in their pockets. Trump has made good on his major promises—even building large portions of the border wall. The media will do everything they can, though, to make him lose. But it looks like Trump is winning over a group Democrats thought they owned.

From Politico: Trump is making an aggressive play for Hispanic-American votes in Florida and beyond… Democrats should be worried that Hispanic voters could help reelect Trump and keep the Senate in Republican control… If Hispanic Americans are in fact showing surging approval of Trump, he could be on his way to matching or exceeding the 40 percent won by George W. Bush in his 2004. If Trump does 12 percentage points better than his 2016 numbers with the growing Hispanic vote, it pretty much takes Florida, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina off the table for Democrats. Surprised? Don’t be.

Democrats don’t care about anyone. Especially Latino Americans. Apparently, Democrats just assumed Hispanics didn’t want a wall. As if Latino Americans all jumped the border from Mexico. SHARE if you’re voting for Trump in 2020! What Democrats didn’t see is that real Americans—regardless of their ethnicity—want a secure border. Legal immigrants from South America are outraged that so many can sneak over the border. Legal immigrants and Hispanic American citizens work very hard to thrive. They don’t like seeing Democrats turn a blind eye to our open border. Only Trump is working to ensure they can enjoy a prosperous life like anyone else. Democrats, as was the case in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, have taken their own people for granted. They just assumed Hispanics would vote for them—regardless of what they did. President Trump, on the other hand, takes nothing for granted. He is working to earn every last vote. He’s helping all Americas: black, white, Hispanic, and so forth. That’s why he’s winning. And that’s why he’ll destroy the left in 2020. SHARE if you’re voting for Trump in 2020!

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