Trey Gowdy Told Fox News one Truth That Ended a Top Democrat’s Career

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Trey Gowdy made a career out of ruining Democrats lives.

Gowdy uncovered Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server, as well as revealing the Obama Deep State’s abuse of power in spying on the Trump campaign.

And now Trey Gowdy told Fox News one truth that just ended this top Democrat’s career.

Trey Gowdy clearly has no patience for Democrat Presidential contender Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell sat on the Intelligence Committee with Gowdy and his conduct appalled Gowdy as well as millions of fair-minded Americans.

The California Congressman plastered his face all over cable TV spouting off insane conspiracy theories and hoaxes about the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians.

Swalwell went so far as to accuse the President of acting as a Russian agent.

These appearances were made in bad faith.

Swalwell used the media attention to launch a Presidential campaign.

But it is not going well.

Swalwell is far short in the polling and donor thresholds to qualify for the first Democrat Presidential debate in late June.

So Swalwell reached into his bag of tricks and tweeted out a video where he apologized for being white.

The Democrat Presidential hopeful claimed that, as a white man, he was not qualified to speak on America’s history of racism and sexism and there would be silent and “pass the mic” to women and minorities to run down the United States.

Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum asked Gowdy to respond to Swalwell’s outrageous video.

Gowdy ripped Swalwell for his pathetic display.

Gowdy explained that Swalwell was at zero in the polls and was desperate for attention to try and qualify for the first Democrat Presidential debate.

“Well, Eric’s clearly riding a wave. I think he’s all the way up to zero in the polling,”Gowdy began.

“I noticed throughout his political history he ran against two women that I know of, so if he is concerned there aren’t enough voices in Congress or in the city council he was on, he didn’t have any qualms about running against two qualified women back then. This is what I know and, luckily, what most of our fellow citizens know.”

Gowdy tore Swalwell’s identity politics video to pieces as a real example of racism and prejudice.

“Logic, objective truth, passion, empathy, no racial or gender strictures. If you are a good person, I want you governing me regardless of any other immutable characteristic. I think it is a sad reflection on our politics if people are actually apologizing for things over which they have absolutely no control at all and I think most of my fellow citizens reject that and see this as just Eric pandering, trying to climb all the way up to one percent in the polling.”

Democrats went all-in on Swalwell’s version of social justice during the latter years of Obama’s Presidency.

But embracing racially charged groups like Black Lives Matter, and issues like transgender bathrooms and the homosexual agenda is what led to the backlash that elected Donald Trump.

And Swalwell’s video shows a significant number of Democrats have not yet learned that lesson.

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