Political Child Abuse: The Democrats Are Using...And Abusing Our Kids.


In the past weeks since the Parkland school shooting, the Democrats have been organizing and funding student walkouts and marches, propping up student pundits (or puppets), and using this "organic" youth movement to increase Democrat voter rolls for the 2018 midterms.

There is nothing organic about this movement, however. From the earliest days after the shootings, Democrats such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz have been guiding these student "activists". Marches and walkouts have been coordinated by the same groups behind the Women's March. The recent #MarchForOurLives was funded by leftist celebrity donations, and through groups such as Gabby Gifford's anti-gun organization, to name a few sources. Flights, ice cream socials, trips to DC museums were all part of the package offered to young people attending. Yet the news would have us believe the children coordinated this massive event with multiple celebrity performances themselves.

The march ultimately was a huge voter registration boon for the Democrats, who gloated about the number of voters registered at the event. Talking points from event organizers even admitted that the "movement" going forward would have a "mission of getting out the vote".

They aren't even hiding their child exploitation. The Democrats are proud of exploiting the death of teenagers to increase voter rolls.

Playing on the tragedy at Parkland, the Left as usual launched into it's immediate mantra of "ban guns". Each time there is a shooting, before the bodies are even delivered to the morgue, the Democrats are out banging the bully pulpit for more gun control.

This time however, they went a disturbing step further. The Democrats have brought the culture wars into our schools and classrooms, and are putting our children at risk in order to register a few more voters. By supporting walkouts across the country, the Democrats not only encouraged minor children to leave school grounds (and school supervision) to walk literally in the streets. They also have created a hostile political environment in our schools that will lead to bullying, and already has.

A recent viral video shows an angry father asking his son's principal who authorized the children in his son's middle school to leave campus without parental consent. Parents across the country are furious that their children were allowed to leave campus without the parent's knowledge, putting their children at all sorts of risks. In Chicago, students "let out for 17 minutes to protest" actually vandalized a local Walmart while allowed to leave the building.

Reports are also surfacing that some students were intimidated by teachers to attend the walkout. In some schools, students who chose to counter protest were forced to leave school grounds, or had their signs confiscated. In other schools, students who chose not to march were compelled to sit in study hall, and at least one student was suspended for attempting to avoid "taking sides" in the controversy.

In bringing this deeply contested political issue into our schools, and by allowing students to hold massive demonstrations during school hours, the Democrats have created an even more dangerous environment for bullying in our education system. Students who chose not to participate were ostracized from their marching peers. Their political opinions, or choice to not express their opinion, have made these students a target for bullying from their anti-gun classmates, and stories of student conflict over this politically charged issue have already begun to surface. With the partisan divide now being shoved down our children's throats, we can expect more stories of bullying over politics to emerge in the coming weeks and months. The culture war has come to the classroom, and the Democrats have recruited our children as soldiers for their statist army. And in the process, created a cultural civil war in our schools.

It seems lost on the Democrats that it is exactly this kind of bullying and student division that is often the cause of school violence. School shooters in the past have claimed bullying and a sense of being ostracized from their peers as a reason for their attacks. In urban areas, gang "beefs", or arguments between student cliques have led to many shootings and deaths. Dividing our students against one another politically is quite likely to induce more violence, as it has done in the adult world. We have seen several attacks and acts of violence by adult Leftists against conservatives and Trump supporters, and by forcing our children into the partisan fray, we can unfortunately expect similar results. Playing partisan politics with our kids is putting them at risk for serious harm.

Equally lost on the Democrats is the will to protect our students and secure our schools. Each suggestion made to improve school security has been met with Democrat disdain, because it does not remove gun rights. Armed guards, trained teacher security, retired veteran security, all mocked. Technology such as metal detectors and shot detection alert systems, both tools that could significantly reduce risk and response time for law enforcement or security have been panned. Even the suggestion of merely fixing existing classroom locks at our schools that are broken or not working, allowing teachers to lock a shooter out, was roundly ignored. One school actually suggested equipping students with rocks to throw at a shooter, while ignoring or rejecting every other security improvement mentioned above.

It appears the Democrats are more than willing to leave our children unguarded in order to fulfill their mission to destroy the second amendment. This amounts to using our children as bait for the next killer in order to once again use the deaths of our young people to push their anti-gun agenda.

In a recent shooting at a Maryland school where the student shooter was stopped by an armed resource officer who returned fire, the media was either strangely silent, or insisted on ignoring the heroics of the officer. The main stream media has suggested the bizarre assertion that the officer "shot the shooter's gun while the shooter shot himself". Despite the officer succeeding in stopping the shooter before he could complete his bloody rampage, the leftist media refuses to credit the officer with his heroism, with some news organizations actually attempting to accuse the officer of being "trigger happy". It seems the news is happier when a good guy with a gun DOESN'T stop the bad guy killing our kids.

By leaving our students unprotected, by rejecting security solutions, by undermining our security officers and our heroes, by pitting our students against one another over heated political issues, the Democrats in their singular anti-gun focus are using our children as cannon fodder in a war on our Constitutional rights. They seek to remove our right to self defense and bear arms, and they are willing to sacrifice the lives of our children to accomplish their long desired gun grab. The Democrats are leaving our children defenseless in order to make Americans defenseless too. If the Democrats get their way, all American citizens will have are rocks to defend themselves from crime....or tyranny. A tyranny we see growing each day on the left. A tyranny even our children are unable to escape.

To use our children to destroy our rights (and their) rights is unethical. But to expose our children to violence, bullying and death in order to destroy those rights is truly abusive, not just abusing our political system, but actually abusing and exploiting our children. The Democrats are abusing our children in order to steal our guns. They have put our kids on the front lines of their war on our Constitutional liberties, and it's time we call this Democrat anti-gun strategy what it is.

Child abuse.

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


"They" do. But when a national tragedy hits I think it is only right that these kids are out there speaking up for the change they see. Unfortunately our country is so divided that children speaking out against atrocities is some how now in poor taste. What is poor taste is the lack of understanding and compassion toward hearing the pain these kids are feeling. THe media latches on to a story and runs with it to see views and divides villainizing these kids. These victims. It's a sad tale.


Knowledge is the underlying all encompassing principle of education, be that at primary, secondary or university level. Teachers and university professors and all those in charge of education are eroding this principle by only promoting Leftist views and values. It should be up to them to allow explanation and teaching of all views and sides - and then it is up to the individual how they cultivate those views themselves.



I think Politifact should fact check the posters at these rallies

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

It's forever okay to fund and support ideas and activities that you identify with, it's the same regardless of political affiliation (e.g. Planned Parenthood rallies) but what's amiss with the recent March for Our Lives is too much focus on just their agenda without including those who are terrorized by gun shootings outside schools or in minorities. If only their idea of inclusion is so much more in touch with reality, there would be MORE people in the streets with them but no they're selective and justice nor truth shouldn't be held by just one group, it's for all.