It's Time​ To Believe Your Own Lyin' Eyes

The Deep State is real and wants to nullify your vote and the Democrat party and the media are their willing helpers

Far from chilling out after taking the House in the Midterms, the behavior of Democrats, their media wing, and The Deep State are so shocking and vile that I’ve been creatively “speechless,” unable to write, as I’ve been buffeted by their escalation of weirdness, anger and oft-repeated lies. All of this madness has me lurching from one issue to another and you probably have felt this way yourself.

The reason you and I are so confused by events is that we are witnessing the unthinkable - a slow motion coup over the last two years that has used the accusations of the Trump Campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, as a cover-up for the real scandal: The Obama Administration’s weaponization of the Justice Department (and the FBI) against a political opponent, Donald Trump. They’ve been given cover by their friends in the media who have pumped out coordinated disinformation 24-7 as if to say: “Who are you going to believe, us or your own lying eyes.”

Perhaps because of the disinformation campaign being carried out by the Left, you need to remember the real facts? Here they are: The Clinton campaign asked Fusion GPS, a D.C. opposition research consultant to find dirt on Donald Trump. To do this, they employed an ex- British intelligence guy, Christopher Steele, who by the way, used Russian intelligence sources for his dirt.

Later, this information, which has never been proven, was used to get a warrant for a wiretap on a Trump Campaign associate, Carter Page. Next, the FBI paid Steele and Fusion GPS for the dossier that Steele had produced.

Then the unthinkable thing happened and Trump defeated Clinton. The Obama Administration, the Justice Department and the FBI finally went to Defcon 1 with cries of Trump’s collusion with Russia, which was picked up by the Democrats and their media toadies and voila! The Mueller investigation was launched in May 2017.

Robert Mueller, who is answerable to no one, was unleashed.

Almost two years later, there is still no evidence that the Trump Campaign or Donald trump himself, were part of any effort made by the Russians to disrupt the 2016 Presidential Election. There is no evidence of any votes being changed due to the Russians either.

Why do we know this? Because the Mueller team and the Justice Department have leaked so much stuff from the investigation that we would know about any real dirt in detail on MSNBC and CNN.

The Mueller team has indicted several people who have committed crimes before their relationship with the President or so-called “process crimes.” In other words, the investigation itself created the opportunity for a crime. They also indicted several Russians who probably were involved in some sort of messing with our election, but not involved with Trump or his colleagues.

Does any of this matter? Not to the Democrats or their media arm. They still report breathlessly on each inconsequential detail. They all act as if Trump has already been declared guilty and they say: “It’s only a matter of time until Mueller gets him.” They call for his impeachment and brand him a “traitor.”

Now think about this: the FBI, the law enforcement arm of the Justice Department of the Obama Administration, whose Secretary of State was running for President, went after the Republican opposition’s candidate to discredit him and prevent his election. Campaigns have always done this but without the backing of government agencies. They launched an investigation that isn’t about Russian Collusion, if it was, they would charge the Clinton Campaign over the Steele Dossier. The purpose of the Special Prosecutor is to keep going until they find Trump guilty of something…anything. The Deep State wants this trouble-making disrupter gone.

They want to take away the vote of almost 63 million Americans because they elected someone who is after the establishment in Washington and doesn’t talk or act the way they think he should.

If you’re honest with yourself as you read this, you will come to only one eerie conclusion: This is what we would expect of the old Soviet Union or maybe Putin’s Russia. In fact, they couldn’t have done it better. There’s no better example than the Stalin - like pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s Florida home.

Listen, I don’t know if Roger Stone is guilty or innocent, but I do know that the crimes he is accused of took place during the Mueller investigation and constitute process crimesnot collusionwith the Russians. I also know (because I read), that it’s obvious that Stone has quite a rep in Washington as a political operative with sharp elbows and a sharp tongue and flamboyant style to go with them. His D.C. detractors think he’s - well… a dick.

Fair enough, if freedom means anything, you can be all of those things, even a dick. However, why the armored and automatic weapon assault with CNN tagging along in the Florida pre-dawn hours. Why the barefooted frog march to jail for this unarmed 66-year-old man? Everything I’ve read or seen tells me this is not standard operating procedure for this type of arrest. Usually, the prosecutor calls up the alleged perp’s attorney and he surrenders his client. Then he makes bail and awaits trial.

Watching this was the last straw for me; I mean, why the show? Well, I believe that Robert Mueller and the Deep State want to make damn sure that anyone stupid enough to work for that upstart Trump will be punished. They must be crushed (think Flynn, Manafort etal.), right?

The Stone arrest made me truly afraid of the power of the Deep State and left me wondering if Trump is strong enough to take on this entrenched group of power hungry people who really run America, despite who we might legally elect.

For the first time in my life I’m afraid of our future as a country where my vote doesn’t count, where the Democratic Party has gone Socialist rogue, doesn’t care about voting rules or who comes over the border, and whose followers think a red hat is a white hood and think that almost 63 million Americans are deplorable. If you feel the same way, you’re not imagining it. You can believe what you see… and it’s chilling.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher of Political Storm

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Jon, this piece was chilling. You laid it out really clearly and hit it on the head when you mentioned the slow motion coup that's occurring EVEN NOW. With Rosenstein out the door and A/AG Whitaker now temporarily at the helm of the DOJ, Mueller has a new thorn in his side. The scrutiny this investigation has faced thus far has been astounding. We've witnessed very unprofessional behavior on behalf of the FBI-- specifically members of Mueller's hit squad... I mean 'team.' With leaks to the media outlets of their choice, this 'investigation' has turned out to be nothing more than an attempt to circumvent the office of a duly elected President. Anyone not blinded by hatred for Trump can see that this process has been and continues to be a travesty of justice. The democrats function in the realm of "The ends justify the means".. so if it takes lies, deception, and misinformation to remove Trump from office... to them its worth it... for the 'greater good.' Sad.