Islamists, Globalists and Communists, Oh My!

Why America, and Americans, should support Iranian led regime change in Iran under President Donald Trump

Iran, in our current day, is characterized by oppressive Islamic statism, the subjugation of women, the brutalization of LGBT persons, and the demonization of Israel and the United States. They are the largest supporter of international terrorism and their nuclear bomb ambitions are a threat to all peace loving people. All of the world is held hostage by Iran and it's current regime and has been for some time.

But what if I told you that just a few short decades ago, Iran was a free country where women had modern liberties and the right to vote? Where Jews were welcomed, where people of all religions could serve in public office, and where governmental leaders sought freedom for their people and peaceful relations with the US.

Now you have probably heard the old liberal story line that "the US was interfering in Iran and propping up a puppet government, and then the Iranians rose up against US influence and took their country back via the Iranian Revolution." You've probably heard the line "if the US had just stayed out of Iranian politics, we wouldn't be in this mess". You may have even heard the tired "the US just wanted control over Iranian oil" explanation. "We should mind our own business, and let Iran deal with itself," is the mantra most of us have heard for the past three plus decades.

What you likely haven't heard is the truth.

The truth about Iranian history, and the involvement of Western "influences", is actually a tale of British imperialism, Russian communism, Islamic extremism and the liberal globalist agenda. Like looking at a photo negative, nearly everything we are taught about US/Iranian relations, and about Iran itself, is virtually the opposite of historical reality.

Take the "Iranian Revolution", better known as the Islamic Revolution. We in the US are taught that the 1979 hostage situation came about because the US had set up a puppet government in Iran and the people were merely taking their country back from foreign influences. The Shah, we are told, was a brutal leader who used violence and torture to suppress his enemies, who were just peaceful Iranians who wanted nothing more than to live free of foreign influence. What we aren't told is that the "enemies of the Shah" were actually communists, Marxists, and Islamist religious zealots who opposed the modern liberties the Shah had put into law. They were radical Islamic clerics who demanded the subjugation of women. And these groups were actually aided by communists and communist sympathizers in Britain and Russia. We aren't told that the "end of the Persian royal dynasty" was actually the rise of communism in Iran, the destruction of modernity, and the start of a nefarious alliance between globalist communists and radical Islam, one that has led to the rise of terrorism and violence around the globe.

So how did we get here? US interference? No, not the US, Britain. In fact, the British have been interfering in Iranian politics for a century or more. From 1901 until 1951, a British oil company called the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (known today as BP) held a monopoly on the production and sale of Iranian oil. Under the British, Iran saw little benefit from their oil reserves, with Britain taking 90% or more of the profits from Iranian oil leaving the Iranian people impoverished while the British Empire grew fat. During WW2, Iran opposed the Nazi regime, even though they had been a trading partner with Germany. Iran even went so far as to protect hundreds of Jews who sought to escape the Nazis and gave them asylum and Iranian citizenship. However, the British and their allies, communist Russia, were not satisfied with Iran's neutral position in the war. The British feared a loss of their oil supply and it's profits, and Russia hoped to install communism as the Iranian governmental system. Together in 1941, Russia and Britain invaded and occupied Iran, confiscated their land and oil resources, and attempted to install a leader they believed would be more compliant to thier globalist/communist agenda.

In 1951, when the elected Iranian prime minister Mohammed Mosaddegh pledged to take back the Iranian oil fields from the occupying British and expel the British oil companies, the British were furious and used the UN to force an embargo to regain their control of Iranian oil. Britain attempted to convince Harry Truman to invade Iran to get "their" oil back, but when Truman refused, the British opted to sponsor a coup in Iran. With the election of Eisenhower and some significant British anti-Iranian propaganda, Britian persuaded the US to help them force an Iranian coup. The coup succeeded, however the government after the coup was inclined to even more modernization and individual liberty. The communists, the Marxists, the landlord elites and the Islamic extremists in Iran (and globally) opposed these individual liberties and the growth of land ownership by working class citizens, which was advanced further during the White Revolution in 1963. The Ayatollah Khomeini called these reforms "the destruction of Iran" and inspired violent rioters in the streets to oppose the Shah's reforms. This led to his arrest and eventual exile until his rather "miraculous" (read communist supported) return to Iran during the Iranian Revolution. His legacy of Islamic extremism and anti-Western/anti-Israeli sentiment have proved to be the actual "destruction of Iran", but I digress.

In 1979, Marxist, leftist and Islamist groups were coordinated in a rebellion under Khomeini to overthrow the Shah, and Khomeini was installed as "Supreme Leader" in December of that year. The personal liberties that had characterized Iran under the White Revolution of 1963 (called "white" for it being a bloodless, peaceful revolution of reforms) were immediately reversed under the Ayatollah's regime. The 1979 hostage situation that we are told was "caused by US interference" was actually a product of the radical union created under the Ayatollah, a union of the elitist leftists and radical Islamists that had put Khomeini in power. While we are told that President Carter was a compassionate "human rights" activist opposing a "brutal Shah regime" while avoiding "direct intervention", his policies actually helped strengthen the Islamic Revolution in Iran which led to the oppression of the entire Iranian population under the radical Islamism of Khomeini.

Much like the modern "Arab Spring", Carter's alleged 'non-interventionist' approach to "let the principle of democracy work" was actually a thinly veiled advocacy of "electing" islamist and collectivist/communist dictators. Moderate secular leaders were replaced by radical Islamic extremists, a process started by the weakness of Carter and mirrored in the weakness of Obama and his "red line".

Fast forward to the era of Obama: Iran, under the Ayatollah, had become the leading sponsor of Islamic terror around the globe. Under the influence of Islamic Iran, radical terror groups flourished. Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, all became hotbeds of terrorist training camps funded by Iran, with Syria becoming a virtual satellite country of Iran. The fantasy of an Iranian nuclear bomb capable of striking Israel and the US became an expected inevitability. After decades of international pressure, sanctions and inspections to prevent a nuclear Iran, the Obama administration basically ceded all ground, signing a "deal" with Iran that all but ensures their ability to develop nuclear ballistic missiles. The payment of $400 million in cash as well as the $1.7 billion dollar "reparations" for sanctions against Iran helped pay for further nuclear technology and terrorism support. Like other leftist presidents in US history, Obama was instrumental in strengthening the oppressive and dangerous Iranian regime.

Enter Donald Trump, and the 2016 election. The disatrous deal Obama made with Iran was a common rally point. Fed up with global Iranian sponsored terrorism, decades of nuclear bomb fears and constant saber rattling against the US and our ally Israel, the American voters were intrigued by Trump's tough criticism of Obama's Iran deal. When Trump won the election, Americans were hopeful that a new era would dawn in regards to the "Iranian issue".

However, like we have seen throughout modern Iranian history, the influence of globalists, communists, and leftists continue to conspire to ensure oppressive Islamic rule in Iran. The British (and Russians) and their interference in US elections via Christopher Steele and the Russian created dossier continue to try to manipulate the US politics while providing cover for Iranian radicals and terrorists. The basically overtly socialist United Nations sanctions Israel and the US as "international bullies" while ignoring the brutality of Iranian oppression at home and terror abroad. The intellectual elitist Left and pussy hat wearing "feminists" in the US ignore the true feminist movement in Iran where women have stood up against the radical Islamic regime and removed their compulsory hijabs, often being arrested, beaten and imprisoned for seeking to restore the liberties their foremothers knew just a few decades ago.

The election of Donald Trump has changed the playing field with Iran. By increasing US oil production, we have undermined Iran's oil market revenues. Trump's strong alliance with Israel and rebuke of the Leftist UN has positioned the US to negotiate a real deal with Iran regarding nuclear technology. Trump's apparent success in bringing a rogue North Korea out of it's nuclear ambitions has left Iran ever more isolated as a rogue nation. And Trump's effective and finite destruction of ISIS and his hard line stance against Syria has left Iran with far fewer options for spreading terror around the globe. Radical Islamic Iran has grown weak in the light of Trump's strength.

But a weakened and injured animal is often the most dangerous. America must act now to destroy once and for all the communistic, Leftist, Islamic oppression in Iran. We must do what we should have done all along: support the freedom loving Iranians who seek national sovereignty, personal liberty, modernism and religious freedom in taking back their country from the globalist, New World Order agendites that have tried to control Iran for more than a century. Never before has the Islamic Iranian regime been so weak, nor the US been so strong. Now is the time to stand up for regime change in Iran.

Now there are those who will cry the isolationist mantra "what business is it of the US what Iran does?". "No war for oil!" they chant, unaware that the war for Iranian oil was fought long ago not by American "imperialism" but by the British Empire itself. "No US interference" they cry, being sadly ignorant that it has not been US interference, but rather British and communist Russian interference that has caused the mess we have now. What these "anti-war" activists fail to recognize is that unless the brutal Iranian regime is removed from power by freedom loving Iranians, a war is likely inevitable as Iran's ambitions and desperations lead it ever closer to war with Israel and the US.

Imagine an Iran where women are free to drive, get an education, and dress as they want. Imagine an Iran where people of all faiths live in harmony and can hold public office. Imagine an Iran where tourism and travel replace nuclear inspections.

Imagine a world that no longer has to fear the brutality and devastation of an Iranian nuclear bomb.

We actually don't need to imagine. History tells us all of these things are possible. They have existed in the Iranian past, and will exist again in Iran's future, if only we Americans can do what is right for Iran, AND for the world and stand up for a truly free Iran. We must reject the leftist lies about our history with Iran told by the communist sympathizing intelligensia. America can and does have a role to play in bringing peace to Iran, and freeing the world from it's reign of terror. Only America, under a president like Donald Trump, has the fortitude and economic influence to support true liberty in Iran. Only a president like Trump has the strength of vision and moral compass to resist the greed and manipulations of the past. Only now, under Donald J. Trump, is there a chance to escape the globalist agenda for Iran and support the needed regime change. A change that will bring peace and prosperity to not just Iranians, but to Americans, Israelis and every one else on the planet.

Peace for Iran is peace....for all of us.

Author's update: A rally to support Iranian led regime change will be held in Washington, D.C. on May 25th at noon. Supporters will gather at Capitol Hill, then march to the White House. The march will be followed by a convention to support the cause. For more infoinformation, leave a comment here or message

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Better approach than Obama's lazy style. Although I held my reservations, Trump et al not attacking with missiles again, gives me hope that the calculated ones done earlier this month are just warning signs. His hard stance has proven beneficial for the two Koreas! Who knows

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Hmm haven't heard of the British angle till now so this is quite enlightening. Russia too in its involvement in the coup, wonder why Iran is still quite cooperative and friendly with Russia though in defiance of US with their Syria-Russia-Iran deals. However the idea of bombing at the cost of liberating them back into the ideal society that they were sounds counterproductive to me. Nobody wins in wars.



This is what I wanted to impart. We Westerners talk about Sunni/Shia but ignore the influence of the non Muslim world, as in the Brits, and communists, and how influential those influences were in creating the modern "Muslim conflict".

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Helluva piece Suzzanne! Part of what the West doesn't understand is that the Shia vs. Sunni thing is that Nation States like Iran and Iraq were carved up and created by the Brittish and contained underlying conflicts that were controlled by strongmen who did some repugnant things, but they kept the warring factions at bay. It's all unraveling now.



Filibuster69 said: You are right about a lot of what you said, the fact is that while the royal family had made the nation very westernize, they were also brutal as well. While the brits had been profiting from Iran’s oil reserves for very long time, there had been a coup that was help by the west to oust Mohammad Mosaddegh after he had nationalized the nations oil industry. In terms of the nations education, many of the citizens in Iran are very well educated, but due to the political climate that exists leaving the country at times can be nearly impossible. While it is true that Iran overwhelmingly supportx terrorism (Hezbollah) one important factor that exists is the divide between the two major branches of the Islamic faith, Sunni and Shiite break which has been a flash point in the Middle East for centuries. That split has caused ongoing conflict which has and will make the idea of westernization very difficult to achieve. The last thing is that women’s rights in nations like Iran are terrible. That said, there are also cultural aspects of those societies which have been incorporated creating the society we see now. Many in those nations feel that some of those aspects are their heritage, and don’t see it as a problem, or even embrace them. Women’s rights are extremely important, they need to be fought for but as outsiders we also should remember that it is not our culture, it is theirs and therefore creating change may have to be done from the inside out with the West supporting those working toward those changes.

As for the brutality of the Shahs, it is not deniable, but when we understand that it was communists and violent radicalists that were opposed to the Shah, we understand a bit more of why the Shah opposed his enemies so brutally. Communists are not peaceful, they are violent agitators that will not stop until the win by any means necessary, and we see they in fact succeeded. Additionally, radical Islamists are similar to communists in that way. It is of no surprise that the Shahs dealt with these communists and violent Islamists without mercy, as they can expect (and as we see happen) those groups to behave even more brutally to gain or retain power.