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Iowans would no longer need a permit to carry a firearm or to buy a gun in a person-to-person sale under a bill under consideration by the Iowa Senate.

“I don’t see why it would be in Iowa’s best interests to have government regulate the law-abiding and not have any way to regulate the lawbreakers,” said Sen. Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig.

Anyone wishing to buy a gun from a federally-licensed firearms dealer would still be required to have a valid permit to carry or complete a federal background check, if the bill becomes law. But that would no longer be the case for person-to-person sales and sales that don’t fall under federal law, Des Moines News reports.

NO PERMIT: A bill moving through the Iowa legislature would lift a requirement for residents to need a permit to buy or carry a gun in the state.

If the bill passes, Iowa would join the other 14 states that have adopted similar laws, the newest being South Dakota on Feb. 1.

Democrat Sen. Tony Bisignano stated that he does not support the bill because it allows handguns to be sold at gun shows and through personal sales without the need for a permit, background check, or gun safety class.

Under the measure, which an Iowa Senate subcommittee approved Monday, Iowans would still be able to obtain permits to carry firearms if needed when they travel out-of-state or for other purposes. But they wouldn’t need to have a permit to carry firearms in Iowa.

It seems common knowledge that anyone interested in owning a firearm needs to get educated and proper training when they purchase a firearm. It should be left up to the individual where they obtain the education and training, with that being said, they should have a State and County site that for a small fee, provides the safety.

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