You could say POTUS has a penchant for coming up with phrases. Over the last week, Trump's "jobs not mobs" hashtag has been a frequent and increasingly pointed jab at Democrats — and it showed up in full force at his Houston rally on Monday night. Trump has been calling Democrats a "mob" in various fashion for over a month now, but he first coined the "jobs, not mobs" phrase in an Oct. 18 tweet following a rally in Montana. On Monday, the new slogan could be seen in posters throughout the crowd. In fact, Trump seemed to use it as a battle cry throughout the evening, too, telling the crowd that they had a "clear choice" to make in the upcoming midterms.

Trump said to the Houston crowd that they had two choices: to choose to vote Republican and to enjoy the "continued prosperity" that his administration has established, or to let the "radical Democrat mob take a giant wrecking ball and destroy our country or our economy.” Trump later repeated his assertion, claiming that the Democrats “want to replace the rule of law with the rule of mob.”

Trump has continually and increasingly referenced the Democratic Party as a "mob" for the last few weeks. He frequently tweets #jobsnotmobs, and has been speaking out against the "radical Democrats" throughout his many recent speeches in the last month.