How the Left Stole Feminism and How We Patriot Feminists Get It Back.

Feminism. It sure ain’t what it used to be.

I came to feminism in a very innocent way. I wanted to be president. As a young girl in the 70s, I was promptly informed that no woman had ever been president, so it was unlikely I was going to succeed. Then I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Again, early 70s, women fighter pilots were a no go. Frustrated, I decided I would become a preacher. Uh….yeah… guessed it. Being raised a southern Baptist, that was less likely than either of the first two. I had my first feelings of feminism then, the first pangs for an equality I clearly did not have.

So I started to study women’s rights. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and their tremendous work for women’s equality in America inspired me. I was learning about the First Wave. First Wave feminism sought to redress the basic and profound inequities facing women in the 1800s. Women did not in most places have the right to vote, or to own property. Domestic violence was legally tolerated, and for most women there were few choices outside of the role of subservient woman. The First Wave feminists fought for those rights, and thru more than a century of hard work they attained those goals. Women earned the right to vote and own property, and we gained legal protections in marriage law. Oh, and they played a huge part in the abolition of slavery….but I digress.

By the mid 1900s, things had changed a lot for women in the US, and the world. The global feminist movement of the First Wave had given women in many countries the basic rights of self governance: voting, property ownership, contract rights. Yet, the landscape of opportunity for women was still bleak. Many jobs were not open to women, and the Second Wave of feminism took up the cause. Pioneering women in every field of work imaginable set off to open doors for themselves and generations of women to follow. By the time a little strawberry blonde girl was wanting to grow up president, pilot or preacher, the Second Wavers had already opened up much of the workforce to women. Through their inspiration, young girls like me decided to finish the job, and take on the fields that were still closed to us. If the First Wave was about rights, then the Second Wave was about equal opportunity.

As we entered the new millennium, much of the equality in opportunity the Second Wave sought had been attained. Women held positions of leadership, had gained greater footing in entertainment and sports, and shattered the corporate glass ceiling. Unlike when I was a girl, when young millennial girls wanted to be a fighter pilot or a preacher, even run for president, they were told they could do those things. “Things” had changed since the 70s. The Second Wave had accomplished much of it’s goal, and with only a few unconquered territories (such as president) left, young girls were gifted the legacy of two waves of feminists: equal rights and equal opportunity.

Now here’s where our plot turns dark. Enter Third Wave feminism. With much of the real work of feminism accomplished by the turn of the century, most women got busy living their lives. The “women’s rights” movement was left in the hands of lonely aging academics desperately trying to relive the glory days of the 1970s, the era of the ERA and bra burnings. These “feminists” hatched the insanity most people just now (disdainfully) call “feminism”, but was actually the Third Wave. The Third Wave claimed to be seeking to create equality “culture”. In reality what it sought was an ongoing conflict of genders that would provide endless fodder for the grievance culture of the modern Left. The Third Wave of feminism invented terms like “rape culture” to demonize all male sexuality as rape and at the same time invented terms like “slut shaming” to glorify the sexualization of women.

Where women of the Second Wave fought hard to be considered colleagues of men, not just sex objects, Third Wavers demanded the right to be sex objects all the time. Where First Wave women once marched in pantaloons demanding the vote, Third Wavers now marched topless, demanding the “right” to show their boobs while accusing men of being obsessed with boobs. “I can show you my tits, but you can’t look at them, you perv.”, a perfect SJW mobias strip of grievance. The Third Waver’s biggest success was handing feminism over to the grievance culture of the Left, and to give them credit, like the other 2 waves, they nearly completely accomplished their goal. “Sexism” along with “Racism” and “Homophobia” became the three pillars of the “social justice warrior” movement. For the Left, the grievance culture became a very profitable tool, allowing decades of utterly criminal politicians to bilk the fears of undefined injustice in order to gain and retain power. Why bother being a good and honest leader, when you can use fear and guilt instead and be a crappy criminal leader and no one will stop you? It was a plan even Lex Luthor would envy.

By the time Hillary Clinton ran for president, the “feminist” movement was all too ready to don p***y hats and cardboard vaginas and head out to the streets to “demand equal rights” despite the fact that all of the rights they demanded had already been won by feminists before them. Equal pay, a common demand, has been legislated repeatedly already. It is already illegal to pay women differently, and much of the wage gap has evaporated over the past 50 years. What difference in lifetime earnings there is versus men can be explained by career choices, not wage disparity. Yet the pink p***y hatters keep demanding it, and claiming the “Right-wing” wants to “take it away”. Reproductive rights, also readily available, are demanded, although when pressed the REAL demand is government funding, not “rights” (even though government funding is also already readily available). This SJW version of “women’s rights” became the marching song of the Democrats in the 2016 election, despite having NO real policies about what the Democrats were going to do to protect those allegedly aggrieved rights other then stop Trump. And be Democrats.

It would seem that the Left had stolen feminism. As a Trump supporter and libertarian, I can assure you, few women on the Right are willing to claim the “feminist” label. Not because they do not support equal rights, and equal opportunity for women. On the contrary, they support those things very much. They also support the right of women to choose: to choose schools, to choose religions, to choose politics, to choose lifestyles, not just to choose life. They stand up against the oppressive regimes and cultures that still subjugate women. The women of the right are strong and empowered, they just don’t want the government strong and empowered. They might actually be the most feminist women I know, if the pink p***y hats hadn’t put such a bad spin on that word.

Personally, I don’t think those p***y hat girls are real feminists. They proudly stand in defense of the oppression of Muslim women under sharia law, because they have sold their feminism to the SJW movement. The SJWs say “we love Muslims” and the “feminists” of the Left end up defending a real rape culture, a culture that literally advocates and allows rape, and punishes the woman for being raped. All the while they blame American straight white men for purporting “rape culture” in America. And they call themselves “feminists”? Is that just a new way to spell “hypocrite”?

No wonder real feminists don’t even want to use the word anymore. But I don’t think we should cede the word so easily. The powerful and positive legacy of the First and Second Waves of feminism should not be yet another historical thing destroyed by SJW culture. Feminism, real feminism is Americanism. It’s the fight for individual liberty, regardless of race, creed or gender. Feminists in history fought not just for women’s rights, but for racial equality, too. They helped bring about the land of the free we hold so dear. They were patriot feminists and they did the hard work of freedom.

The patriot feminists of today have work to do as well. Women everywhere are not yet free. We must oppose Sharia law and other forms of governance that deny women basic rights. We must protect the rights of women here in the US, not from imaginary “p***y grabs”, but from the invasion of government into their homes, families, churches, businesses and pocket books. We must defend our hard earned right to vote by protecting our elections, not from imaginary Russians, but from real voter fraud and a manipulative media in collusion with the Left. We must stand up for the national sovereignty that protects those rights we hold so dear. We Patriot Feminists have a lot still left to accomplish, including rescuing feminism from the SJWs. The time has come to begin the “Patriot Wave” of feminism, and just like our patriot sisters before us, we have a BIG job ahead of us. Seems no matter what “wave” of feminism you want to call it, the old adage still holds true.

“A woman’s work is never done.”

Surf’s up, Ladies.