Cory Booker Officially Announces Run For President And Goes After Trump

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Cory Booker Officially Announces Run For President And Goes After Trump

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker has officially announced that he is running for president.

Most people who know of Sen. Booker know he has been running for president for around two decades.

Booker sent out a tweet video to his fans on Friday to announce his decision.

I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind; where parents can put food on the table,” he said.

“Where there are good-paying jobs with good benefits in every neighborhood,” Booker said.

And then he took aim at President Donald Trump, though he did not mention him by name.

“Where our criminal justice system keeps us safe, instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins,” he said.

Where we see the faces of our leaders on television and feel pride, not shame,” he said.

“It is not a matter of can we, it’s a matter of do we have the collective will, the American will? I believe we do,” Booker said.

“Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose. Together, America, we will rise,” he said.

It is not a coincidence that he chose the first day of Black History Month to announce his candidacy and that was evidenced in what he said.

“The history of our nation is defined by collective action; by interwoven destinies of slaves and abolitionists; of those born here and those who chose America as home; of those who took up arms to defend our country, and those who linked arms to challenge and change it,” he said.

Booker is vying to become the second black president but faces competition for that distinction from California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Bloomberg News reported on the history of Booker’s career that led him to this moment.

In January 2018, Booker and Harris became the first two black members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. That placed both of them at the center of the contentious confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, where Booker and Harris joined other Democrats in an unsuccessful effort to defeat him.

Booker also has worked to create bipartisan relationships. He held a three-hour dinner in 2013 with GOP Senator Ted Cruz of Texas to discuss constitutional law. He worked with Republicans on legislation overhauling U.S. sentencing standards, and on a thus far unsuccessful bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russian election interference.

Booker was born in 1969 to parents who were IBM executives. He attended Stanford University, where he played on the football team and was elected senior class president. After attending Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, Booker received a law degree from Yale.

He won election to the Newark City Council in 1998 and became mayor in 2006 on a promise to revitalize one of the nation’s more troubled cities. He balanced the budget, bolstered investment in mass transit, and persuaded Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to donate $100 million to improve Newark’s schools. Yet his efforts to revamp the schools had mixed results.

His reputation took on a star quality after he rescued a neighbor from a burning house in 2012 and shoveled an elderly woman’s sidewalk when a city plow didn’t show up. Positive coverage of Newark’s improvements elevated his profile, as did his friendships with Obama and celebrities including actor Ben Affleck and talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

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The Happy Hamster

Another player in the Presidential Race...who may be getting ahead of himself.

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