Breaking Border Patrol Says Illegals Are Ramming Down Border Fences To Enter Us

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New Reports From California Indicate That A Large-Scale Illegal Migration Attempt Was Thwarted By Border Patrol Agents Near San Diego, Following The Discovery Of A Damaged Area Of Fencing.

While Details Remain Scare, A Large Pickup Truck Carrying Approximately 22 Migrants Rammed Through Existing Border Fencing In The San Diego Area, Before Then Ramming A Border Patrol Vehicle In An Attempt To Escape.

The Driver Of The Vehicle Allegedly Bailed On Foot, Evading Police, Leaving His Passengers Behind To Be Captured By Immigration Officials.

Meanwhile Anti-Wall Activists Are Calling Trump’s Declaration A “Fake Emergency.”

This Morning A Truck Carrying 22 Immigrants Breached The Aging Border Barrier In East San Diego, According To The Ca Border Patrol San Diego.

The Border Patrol Agents Responded, The Driver Of The Vehicle Rammed A Border Patrol Vehicle Then Attempted To Flee.

The Driver Exited On Foot And Escaped South.

All 22 Passengers Were Arrested.

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