Blackout: The Democrats and Their Lapdog Media Silencing Black Voters

Trump supporters at the California border rally on March 13th.


I'm not saying that to be provocative. I'm not being metaphorical. I'm merely stating a fact: the left-biased, democrat-loving, narrative-pushing, yellow-journalism, main-stream media is racist, and pushes a racist narrative written line by line by the Democrats in order to suppress black and Hispanic voices while slandering white people every chance they get.

Take for instance the recent coverage of Hillary Clinton's comments about "married white women" only voting for Trump because their "white husbands" told them to. While Trump voting women (and probably even a few who didn't vote for Trump...yet) were outraged that Hillary would suggest that women were subservient to their husbands just because they didn't vote for her, the even greater outrage is the way the media used the coverage to push it's racist agenda to slander whites while suppressing and controlling people of color.

Hidden under the outrageous statement about women is the staple leftist narrative that all blacks and hispanics vote Democrat. Hillary states that white women only voted for Trump, the Republican, because their white husbands told them to. White husbands who are racist, so the narrative claims, as is evidenced by the fact they voted against the Democrats and, thus against blacks...and hispanics. So, the story goes, white racists elected Trump. Yet again those racist Republicans elected another racist, which is why black people of course should only "logically" vote Democrat. And the circular logic continues.

By presuming the vote of the black population, the political arena has long undermined black voters of both parties in this country. The Democrats have long presumed they own the black vote, only actually showing up to help in black communities when it's time to once again get out the vote. The Republicans have long ignored the black vote, ceding it to the Democrats who laid claim over it. Black citizens have been often left out of the political process because their vote was, at least statistically, already decided, according to the two parties. The Democrats have been pushing this lie for a very long time, but in the era of Trump, the main stream media has taken over the message and uses it to literally silence black and hispanic voices in what can only logically be called a "blackout". By removing these voices of diversity the MSM can push the Democrat narrative which seeks to connect the Republicans, and more specifically Trump, with white nationalism, in the process slandering millions of white supporters of Donald Trump as white supremacists, and declaring the voices (and votes) of black and hispanic Americans the political "property" of the Democrats.

All of this couldn't be further from the truth, as can be seen at any Trump rally, where Americans of all races, creeds, colors and yes, sexual orientation can be seen cheering "USA!" side by side. In the early days of the Trump campaign, the media saw these non-white supporters as amusing fodder for their viewers, a sort of "Look at the crazy (insert ethnicity here) person who doesn't get that Trump hates them. How sad." type of news segment. But they quickly turned more and more to instead removing non-whites from their coverage of Trump and his supporters all together in order to push the "Trump is racist" mantra.

Trump supporters at the California border wall rally on March 13th.

Yet no matter how loud and often they hurled the racist accusation at Trump and his supporters, millions of people came out and elected Trump in 2016, including millions of black and hispanic Americans. Trump turned that narrative on it's head when he, unlike other Republicans before him, reached out to the black community and specifically asked for their vote. He openly offered black voters a choice: keep voting the same and getting the same shaft, or vote for Trump and get the prosperity, the jobs, the urban renewal that has long been needed. "What do you have to lose?", Trump asked, while campaigning and rallying in urban areas left long untouched by the RNC. It was this respect Trump showed to black and hispanic voters to make up their own mind that won him a larger portion of those demographics than won by Republicans before him. It helped him flip states that Obama won. It may even be what sealed his victory, and sealed the Democrats defeat.

Though Hillary and the Democrats played the race card in 2016 as hard as they ever have, they were unable to keep their black voters "on the Democratic plantation" as the saying goes. It seems years of assuming the vote of black Americans had finally had its voters no longer trusted the Democrats. While large portions of black voters stayed home in the 2016 election, many others for the first time crossed the aisle and voted for the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, enough to give him the presidency. When added with the number of hispanic citizens that also crossed the aisle and voted GOP, the Democrats found themselves in the loser's chair, and found themselves left with no strategy to restore the black and hispanic votes they once considered etched in stone.

In fact, instead of reaching out to voters and talking about the issues, the Democrats have doubled down on the racist attacks. They attack not only Trump himself, but also Trump's voters, as even Hillary Clinton did just that as we saw above. This hate speech against the voters is actually inciting hate and division in our culture, and promoting and disseminating these hateful messages has taken over the main stream media. Real news, important to people in their daily lives, is often "bumped" for yet another story about how Trump is racist, sexist, stupid, evil, etc. and how it's "white people's fault" that "racist Trump was elected". In the process, robbing black and hispanic supporters of Trump of any voice whatsoever.

Is it any wonder then that more and more news consumers are turning away from the main stream media and seeking the truth from alternative journalists like yours truly? Reality, and the responsibility to show it, has been left to news sites like this one. Photos like the ones pictured here, that show black and hispanic Trump supporters, are only seen on alternative sites. While the main stream journalists are the overseers of the Democratic plantation, journalists like myself and the sites we write for have become the media version of the Underground Railroad. Only here is the race baiting narrative of the Democrats NOT in control.

Trump, by defeating the race card of the Democrats, has given the GOP an opportunity, the opportunity to destroy race based politics once and for all by embracing the ethnic diversity seen among the supporters of President Trump. They have been handed a new paradigm on a platter, if only they choose to take it. Only time will tell if they do. Should they fail to set their sails into the prevailing winds however, they will likely find themselves consumed by a tide of truth that is sweeping over the nation.

Americans of all colors are fed up with identity politics. They are no longer voting along black and white lines, but rather they are voting red, white and blue. The millions of Americans from every ethnicity in the US that voted for Trump are voting for the interest of America, it's people, and it's future generations. They are voting for the American Dream, and are fulfilling the vision for America set down by the founders, a vision of a nation where all her citizens are created equal. A nation where we are judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin or our party affiliation.

The American "melting pot" is being made great again. One beautiful, diverse Trump rally at a time.

(Special thanks to Shirley Husar for these photos.)

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


You're initial comment is right suzzanne. Watching the news youd only think that the democrats embrace blacks or people of colors. Not because this is the correct narrative, but they only show the clips of the democrats embracing their issues. Not because other parties don't, but because that's what they want us to see. It's wild.