2017: The Year Hate Trumped Pride

June is Pride month.

Major cities across the country hold Pride parades, celebrating openness and pride in being LGB or T and more recently Q, etc. Rainbow flags flying everywhere, a symbol of inclusion and acceptance of all lifestyles. Drag queens in their absolute finest boas and frocks. Dancing floats of fit men in thongs. Young women walking around with electric tape pasties. It was always a great day of feeling included and accepted. Not to mention pleasantly tipsy and turned on.

As an out bisexual woman for the last 26 years, I have attended my share of Chicago Pride Parades. In the early years, it was mostly LGBT people, even bringing your boyfriend as a bi woman was frowned upon. Literally, they frowned at straight men in the early days. “Ally” wasn’t really a “thing” back then. Of course, like everything else, over the years the Chicago Pride became more commercialized and more and more “lookie-loos” started to show up: straight people who were just there to enjoy the “show”, and boy what a show it always was. You can’t blame them, who wouldn’t want to spend a Sunday with 100 plus drag queens on parade? The term “ally” came into common use, conveniently more so near Pride parade season. It was no longer a big LGBT party. It was a big urban marketing opportunity. So the Pride parade changed. More companies sponsored floats. More politicians marched and trolled for votes from the LGBT community. It became less about gay pride and more about pride parade attendee dollars. And votes. Makes you wonder what happened to “pride”?

This year in LA, they didn’t even have a pride parade. Don’t get me wrong, the LGBTQetc community (part of it) did in fact come out to march, but not to show pride. No, this year’s pride parade was instead a “Resist March”. Of course, to resist Trump. Where there was once a parade of pride about inclusiveness, 2017 replaced that with a march of hate against the duly elected president of these United States. Hate trumped pride. Sad.

Not surprising though. The left has for a long time used “identity” politics to divide and control the electorate. Rather than focus on policies and equality, the left focuses on what they call “identity”, which is a fancy college snowflake way of saying aspects of who you are that group you into “identity” groups. Race, gender, religion; all identity groups. Some are chosen, some you are born with. But if you belong to the right identity groups, then you are celebrated. If you are in the wrong ones, you are hated, as everything wrong with the world is all your fault.

This year one identity group trumped all identity groups for being the worst identity of all. No matter what other “cool” (ie victimized) groups you were in, if you were in this group you were downright EVIL. What group, what identity could defeat even the most victim class of statuses? Trump supporter, of course.

Despite Trump drawing support from every race, every religion, every gender and yes every sexual orientation, according to the Left, Trump supporters are all a bunch of white male rednecks just itching to don white sheets and go lynch a few non-whites. It doesn’t matter that there are Blacks4Trump, Latinos4Trump, Asians4Trump, Muslims4Trump, Jews4Trump, and yes, of course LGBTQ4Trump, just to name a few. The left has decided that only the democratic party speaks for those “identities” and anyone who is in those identities and doesn’t agree with the democrats is a turncoat, traitor, or “Uncle Tom”. If you supported Trump, you couldn’t possibly be a “real” member of your “identity”. As the left is quick (and inaccurate) to tell you, Trump hates all minorities and is going to kill them all in death camps. I really wish I was exaggerating their position, but I sadly am not.

The real tragedy is when they play “identity politics” they actually engage in the exact prejudiced stereotyping that the left claims to oppose. Assuming all African Americans or Latinos or Asians or women or gays or lesbians or Muslims or Jews all think the same about politics and all vote the same is utterly bigoted. It literally prejudges the thinking of individuals based on the color of their skin, or their genitalia, or their sexual preference. You can’t HAVE identity politics without first prejudging EVERYONE with that identity. What’s even worse, different identities are treated different than others. The left believes that all people are equal, but some kinds of people are more equal than others.

They also believe that some identities are less equal than others. If you are a conservative, or libertarian or even if you just say a kind word about the president, you are considered less than equal by the left. Your voice can be shut down. Your right to assemble can be rejected. You deserve ridicule and even harm. This is the fascist message coming from the left and they are imposing that leftist fascist message on every play, every show and every damn parade. Where there was once art, pride and celebration, there is now resistance and exclusion in the name of “inclusion”, of course an inclusion that is utterly false.

Trump, or more accurately the left’s hate of Trump has sadly exposed the complete hypocrisy of the left’s stance on “inclusion”. It has shown their identity politics as what it truly is: NOT a loving “coexistence” among all the different “identities”, but rather a wedge of division that keeps us disconnected in our little victim groups, ripe for political manipulation and control.

What the left seemed to have missed this entire election is that the people, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, the PEOPLE don’t WANT to be manipulated and controlled. They missed it in the outrage of Bernie supporters who watched the election be stolen from them. They missed it in the lack of enthusiasm in the urban community for their “hot-sauce” candidate, Hillary Clinton. And they missed it in the scores of LGBT (and Q) voters who proudly wrote LGBT4Trump on their rainbow flags and showed up at the polls to vote Trump. The left isn’t “proud” of those people. Those are the people they choose to resist.

Frankly, the right hasn’t been proud of them much either. Their treatment of Milo Yiannopoulis reflects the right’s own identity politics. The traditional right isn’t much proud of the LGBT4Trump folks either.

But I’m proud of them. I’m proud to be ONE of them. I don’t need to be in any stupid lefty parade to have my own Pride celebration. In fact, I have one every day I wake up and I am proud Trump is president.

No matter how much they “resist” or how “never” Trump they are, the facts remain that Trump has been the TRUE rainbow candidate. His campaign drew folks from literally the rainbow of human possibility. It is Trump who “trumped hate”, with his love of America that extends to all types, all IDENTITIES of Americans. While hate of Trump may have destroyed Pride, the love of Trump is going to make America great again. And THAT is something HUGE to be proud of.