You not knowing Facebook Scans Your Images is a Problem.

Facebook which you tell everything to knows your info. It's concerning that you didn't know this.

People are up in arms about the revelation revealed this week that facebook...and I want you to brace scanning and sometimes storing your data!

Here are some of the responses I was able to see in chat threads today:







Easy everyone. Calm your tits. This should not be a surprise nor should it be anymore of a concern than what we have already known about facebook already.

"Calm your tits". Not sure where that came from. I mean I know where it came from, but I guess I was having an emotional flashback to college years with all the high energy irrational behavior I've witness over this facebook data mess.

People really need to use that more again.

And if your'e wanting to say this is a chauvinistic slogan I challenge you to show me a man without tits.

Exactly. So calm your tits.

The fact that this scanning scandal is a scandal at all is absolutely absurd.Let me tell you what I know about this "scandal" first.

This news is one fresh off the heals of another high profile mishap with facebook , the one where Cambridge Analytica was mining information that was used to manipulate and sway the 2016 Presidential election. Facebook is now facing backlash from people who have discovered that facebook's messenger function scans what you send and sometimes stores it in their servers; And this has people losing their minds!

Forget that every single crime documentary, episode of Forensic Files or clip from Law and Order SUV has taught us that anything we put on the internet is automatically saved, this scandal is new news.

I mean does anyone remember the episode where Stabler got the hard drive of the pedophile and was able to pull up all the messages that were saved on email service that ultimately lead to his conviction?

Yes. Of course it is a yes. Because anyone with a tv knows that the stuff you do on the internet is stored somewhere.

So why is this a surprise no? Why is this a surprise, but more importantly a scandal?

Come on. Lets chill out for a second.

This isn't news. In fact facebook has already come out to explain why this happens.

According to the DailyMail facebook claims this scanning is their way of protecting users from illicit content like terrorist actions or child pornography.

According to them

"Messenger says that it doesn’t use data from messages it has scanned for the purposes of advertising, according to reports in Bloomberg.

The company told the website that it uses the same tools to prevent abuse in messages that are in place across Facebook as a whole."

Needless to say this rationale does little to ease the nerves for the already extra paranoid US citizen.

But what does it do?

Well for one it points out a serious lack of communication between the public and the content they choose to use. I mean, you really didn't know that facebook scans your content? That this is such a revelation it was news scandal worthy? That literally every single major news outlet is reporting on it? Not buying it.

This blows my mind, but is not a shocker. I spend my days reading internet chatter in political forums where people spend most of their time reacting and commenting off an articles cover image and headline, often speaking in direct contrast to the message of the article itself. So to think people lacked the drive to actually know what their services do with their information is not exactly a "Round Earth" moment. If anything it is a Flat Earth moment because I'm not super shocked that there are people out there who are that dumb to believe it.

But again what does this also say about the services we use. Well it shows us how scary the private sector threat is to the security of our information.

After all, the government has to be transparent about what they do with our information. They are obligated to work within a structure that enables transparency so that we the citizen are fully aware how our information is being used by them.

The private sector on the other hand, the one so many overzealous misplaced capitalistic Americans reference when they want to talk about US Freedoms, can operate with total impunity as it relates to what we need to know about the way they use our information. So much so that that big scary meanie jerkface of a government has to come in and mandate they treat our data with some level of respect, preventing them from using our data like a bachelor party call girl.

See because the private sector is in the money making business. Any asset they get would be foolish to not be used to acquire more wealth.

That's basic capitalism.

And to the genius who doesn't want the government knowing too much about their information let me point out that the government is the one who printed out the documents in the first place, so they kinda beat you there pal.

So when it comes to facebook scanning your documents to prevent child raping terrorist from proliferating across the globe, chill.

Everything you do on the internet is recorded.

So if this is new news to you, I suggest you just calm your tits.

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I'm going to need you to calm yourselves a little bit.

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Great read! People thinking of going away from social media sites can think of say Twitter or Instagram but these channels do the same



Nice story, Pat. I actually just posted a similar one here. Totally agree -- although there's no denying that the scandal shows just how unscrupulous Zuckerberg and his minions are, we really can't be that surprised. When you sign on for just about anything online nowadays, you risk a breach of your data. You risk being advertised to based off of things you "share," "retweet," "like," "favorite," etc. It's par for the course. Anyway, just my thoughts. Nice piece.

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

This is the ultimate sacrifice you make when you join a free service that aims to connect the entire globe regardless of boundaries of space and time, you are the product. FB has made it clear since at least 2010 that their customers who don't pay a cent using their platform, the biggest of its kind in the world, can go fck off because they can do whatever they like with your data like sell them to advertisers. They realize data is money so from the modest 2004/5 beginnings, they are now a media juggernaut not even Google could touch.

Pat Greer
Pat Greer


Not sure, people think this is a scandal tho . Can’t for the life get it

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


I agree Pat- just why is this a shocking revelation? The NSA has been doing stuff like this since 911.