Why are we protesting?

ICE has ramped up their efforts to remove illegal residents, but have their efforts crossed into racism? I find it unl..

“Well that has to suck”

Was my response when asked by a bystander how I felt about the ‘incident’ linked about as we stood across from the street from the protest going on.

Incase you do not want to brave the lengthy 5min process of reading the article above here's a summary: There was a pizza delivery guy nabbed after ICE supposedly captured him while he was working.

Side Note: If ICE is out here pretend ordering pizzas to nab illegal workers I got to give it to them that they've really taken initiative here. Not all government agencies would be so proactive, so hats off to the management there.

As you would imagine people were upset. In fact one sign I saw had “No Racism Zone” and a neat little graphic showing you where like the ones you’d see behind an auto garage.

So I walk up. I had errands to run and was not feeling particularly well, but there is something about a protest that will make your ears perk up in interest.

I began standing lurkingly along the road as a man with a microphone began to spell off a list of injustices that had transpired. People were upset. Well, the people in the protest were upset. The rest of the crowd who were not public servants stood around like myself meandering around the docile crowd, hoping at our core something serious would pop off so my story of about the days events could be substantially more interesting.

But nothing did pop off, so instead myself and an overly enthusiastic asian gentleman with a camera began talking to people along the block.

And this is when I was asked about how this whole situation impacted me.

The truth I think it’s kind of silly why the public’s opinion about laws being enforced is relevent. Maybe it’s my years as a civil servant, or as someone who’s had his experience with law enforcement, but when it comes to laws and their enforcement they are pretty black and white.

Am I right? Of course I’m right.

So this man who was in violation of a law that citizens like us are entitled to was given consequences for his actions.

And if I’m being real honest, dude will probably be back. It’s quite a direct route back into the country. Everyone gets all upset about this, but you realize it’s free to walk back over here, right?

Dangerous and scary as all hell, but free. In fact a gentleman who cuts my hair walked here from Mexico.

He said he almost died. Granted he also mentioned some of his travelers died, but he’s here now so clearly it all worked out.

As he has the biggest grin on his face which undoubtedly helps when he’s giving the best high and tights in NYC.

And that’s how it should be. It should be hard to do illegal stuff because otherwise we’d all be doing it.

I’m getting off track, so lets bring it back.

Ultimately I was bothered that there were signs accusing this of being “Racist”.

To keep it short. My fear is that as we continue to use words that overstate the seriousness of particular actions we remove the sting that words like, ‘Racist, Nazi, Extremist,” have in society.

It’s called adulting our words. Using them as they were intended, vs what gives us the effect we want amongst our cronies.

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


When almost dying, being alive is a pretty reasonable thing to point to when saying it worked out when you consider the other options.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Fair enough Felix- I fixed it. Pat is not being oblivious to others' deaths, just describing what it's like for the barber and others who have taken the journey. You don't need a lot of detail about it to get it.


I remember reacting to the same news story here or somewhere and my reaction has always been the same, sad tactic for ICE, creative for some but cruel for others, in the end definitely law is law. There's no going around circles around it.


There is a repeat of this article so I didn't want to blow it up by posting a longish response twice. Pick one and let me know.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Felix, anything to say about the actual post?