When Reality Hits the News

All I have to say is "Sure he would have..."

Trump made a claim he would "Run into the building without a gun to fight the armed killer..."

Okay tough guy.

Okay Superman.

Okay Wolverine.

Okay T2000

Okay individual who is impervious to projectile weapons.

Get out of here with this.

Get this out of here. Get anybody who buys into this as a potential reality.

Stop polluting my news with flat out lies and take anyone who is lying to their selves enough to believe you with them.

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Appalachian Gal
Appalachian Gal

Nobody knows how they will react in a situation like this, but we all like to think that we'd do the right thing.
People DO generally know if they're the type that freezes up in tough situations or if they're the type able to remain calm & level headed. I actually see Trump as the level headed type just because of the nature of the business he's in - deal making.
Having said that he can't say for certain that he'd have ran in.