#WeThePeople meet Rick Treviño - Candidate 23rd Congressional District - Texas

Rick Treviño on Medicare for all, Education, Gun Violence, Clean Energy for Texas and enabling a Co-op System.

Rick Treviño was the guest on #WeThePeople on February 14th 2018. He is running in Congressional District 23, Texas. This very progressive and passionate teacher left his job to run for office. He very much wants to represent his District and is tired of Industry being represented and not the People. Rick has been politically active for a number of years and has been educating people about a certain Bernie Sanders and what it means to be progressive. «As a teacher I bring context. I know history really well and I kind of know how we got here, and if people knew that history too, they would be railing against the system like we are right now.»

The Latino community in District 23 isn’t conservative he says. They have been very receptive to the progressive message. He is furious about the way the Democratic Party has let them down again and again. DACA students aren’t a bargaining chip! He wants to provide them with the tangible bona fide answers they want. They deserve Medicare for all, free public college or university for all, a living wage, major infrastructure investment…

He sees and is not impressed with Representatives who cynically co-sign bills because whichever issue (e.g. Medicare for all) is polling well. That said, Rick tells us, we need to thank Bernie for creating the atmosphere which made these issues popular to start with.

Mr Treviño is dismissive of «distraction» bills claiming to rival Medicare for all, just so that some Representatives don’t have to sign off on the real deal.

Rick is Justice Democrat and Brand New Congress endorsed, and wants to replace all those establishment figures who prevent anything from really changing. He is running on issues not identity politics.

He is visibly saddened when speaking about gun violence. Two students died in that manner he says, and this event had a very destabilizing effect on the community, on the students and academic staff at the school where he once worked. He is cynical (after Sandy Hook and Las Vegas) about anything changing soon. Change, he says, will only come when we «get NRA backed Representatives out of office…If you take money from the NRA, you basically should be disqualified from ever holding office». We need to pass real gun reform, which most Americans support.

Private prisons, Rick also says, reflect an awful criminal justice system. It is evil to make money off of incarcerating very vulnerable people.

He is clearly very moved by the poverty and suffering of others in his district and in the world. «What is going on in Yemen, our drone policies, selling arms to Saudi Arabia…is not to make us safer, it’s to enrich these industries.»

On the issues of climate change and the economy, Rick indignantly tells us that fracking and private prisons are the only industries in his district that are growing. We need to transition away from fracking. As he drives around his gigantic district, he thinks about the potential it has for producing clean energy for all of Texas, and enabling a Co-op system (he is a Richard D. Wolff fan), where the main goal is not profit but to bring clean energy, utilities and infrastructure. He speaks too of the importance of union jobs.

Rick Treviño has a beautiful, passionate, heartfelt way of formulating his beliefs. He doesn’t mince words. «We need people that are from 23, and who are willing to kick ass for 23 only and the people of 23.»

Yes Rick is confident, all fired-up and raring to go. Help, Volunteer, Donate and VOTE for Rick Treviño. The links are in the video description.

P.S. Rick is now through to the Democratic Primary election runoff. This will be held on May 22nd 2018.

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Katie Dunne
Katie Dunne

Thanks wonderwall15, but it's just what the candidates say. Uphill Media have really interesting people on.


Very interesting! I'm inspired to learn more about Rick.
I love your insights!

Katie Dunne
Katie Dunne

Gabbyhobbs, I am delighted to hear that. Please share the commentary or the ideas. I hope it will help others in the same way.


I can't agree 100%, but your argument does make sense. This post has also helped me a lot in weighing the pros and cons when it comes to choosing the candidate to vote.