#WeThePeople meet - Josh Jones - Candidate Governor of California

Josh Jones was interviewed on#WeThe People on March 28th, 2018. The following is my commentary on said interview.

#WeThePeople interviewed Green Party candidate Josh Jones, who is running for Governor of California. He is a People-powered candidate, who has a history of doing grassroots democracy and promises he will always answer questions, from the heart and in a spontaneous way.

Josh grew up in a fire-fighter’s family, is 4th generation CA, and has lived all over the State. He grew up camping out in the Sierras. He loves to fish, ski, and surf. He studied geology, hydrology, was a solar electric designer for 4 years… Check out his candidate URL, it’s pretty cool!

He tells us about his political journey over the last few years, and how he eventually had enough of the barriers being thrown up at every level in front of corporate-free candidates, and of Democratic Party shenanigans. He joined the Green Party.

“Our platform is based on two principles: maximize equality of opportunity and minimize harm. We take no money from corporations, nor do we think they would want to donate to us anyway.”

He wants to raise a dialogue (about Berniecrat and Jill Stein type issues, private prisons, slavery…). The Green Party is not just about the environment, it’s also about human rights, worker rights and labor rights. Josh intends going to every county in CA to discuss these topics.

He tells us that he likes to, and has always talked to people everywhere and he doesn’t need to come up with all of the solutions himself. I ask those I meet “What are the problems in your county? And what are the solutions you already know?” And Josh synthesizes that information.

There are simple solutions to many things. Don’t let greed be your starting point, Josh says. CAL FIRE department knows where there are going to be problems in the future. We need to stop planting trees so close together that they kill each other competing for water. Let’s work with municipalities to make sure that their municipal codes follow CAL FIRE codes! We must be much more forward-thinking. Fire-fighters should have time-off and unions. It’s a high-stress job.

Life, and crossing North American borders was simpler before NAFTA. There has to be a pathway to citizenship for people of Latin American descent. They belong here just as much as we do, Josh says. And we all need the ability to migrate for work. He speaks of crossing the Mexican border faster if one can pay (fast lanes).

Capital he tells us is free to cross borders, destroy economies… and move on, but not human beings. It should be the other way around.

Josh Jones is for divesting from fossil fuels. The Green Party New Deal is pushing to do this by 2030. He wants sustainable energies…solar, geothermal, wind turbines, tidal and wave (distributed power) generation…. The California National Guard should be deployed to national disasters…Puerto Rico, and not Afghanistan!

Can we shift the CA economy away from fossil fuels and to green renewable energy? Absolutely, Josh suggests wave generators along the coast of CA in action day and night. That could power a massive amount of CA, he says. We shouldn’t destroy ground water through fracking…I think that is a way for them to privatize water. We would have to pay to get clean water afterwards! Nestle, says John. Yes, Josh continues, and it is happening right here in CA and right now. We need to stop privatizing everything…solar is cheaper than gas turbines now, even the bankers are saying, let’s go with solar. If this hasn’t happened yet, it is for reasons of greed. If you can divest away from it, profits will dry up, and then we will suddenly switch over to renewables.

What of the huge un-housed population of CA? Josh says it doesn’t help the homeless to have affordable housing built. It’s like “access” to healthcare. The State needs to build public housing (like after WW2) without trying to make a profit on it. You pay for it by doing smart taxes and making sure you apply them properly. Tax oil, Roll back Prop 13 on commercial buildings… “Almost everybody doesn’t have a problem with (their) taxes going up if they get something for their taxes” (such as healthcare…). The money is in the system, but is being spent in a sloppy way just now.

All links to donate, volunteer and help Josh Jones are in the video description. Good luck Josh!

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Katie Dunne

I like his idea of not coming up with solutions all by himself. Democracy in power


Oh the green party. Saving for later!