#WeThePeople meet John Fetterman - Candidate Lt. Governor - Pennsylvania

John Fetterman tells us about Braddock PA and demonstrates his own passionate commitment to his community.

On February 12th 2018, John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock Pennsylvania, joined John and Markus on #WeThePeople. He is running for the position of Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. John is a passionate Progressive who has been working in and for Braddock for many years. He likes to think that he has "been where the Democratic Party should have always been...with the oppressed, the forgotten...the marginalized". He would very much like to see Democrats overcome their differences and fight together to win in 2020. "Mostly the progressive positions are just basic common sense and decency." Why is it a progressive (or radical) idea to pay someone a living wage? That is what's necessary to sustain a basic minimum standard of living that every human being enjoys, he tells us.

Braddock, like many communities, needs everything. John Fetterman and his community have worked hard. Crime is down, over a dozen businesses have relocated to town, they have one of the best pre-k programs in the State, and have opened an urgent care center to restore affordable healthcare to the citizens. Regarding climate change, he says "we should be doing something in a very urgent and proactive manner". John doesn't support fracking. "We should be investing in renewables. I have 3 young children and I really worry about the world that we're handing them, in terms of environmental issues." Public pressure and some Republican support might be necessary to pass legislation, but Republicans need to breathe too!

Mayor Fetterman is running on his record, unafraid to stand out and to stand up for what he believes in: Marijuana legalization, same-sex marriage, $15 an hour, immigration reform, fair taxation of the rich in order to help those less fortunate. There is an enormous gap between "the haves and the have-nothings" he says. Why Lt. Governor? PA is the 5th largest State and John feels that he could be a vocal champion for progressive issues. He also wants to help rewind some of the damage done in 2016, to set the stage for success in 2020. "We are all better off, when we are all better off." "People who take care of us deserve to be able to take care of themselves and live in dignity."

The Mayor of Braddock is not happy with the Democratic Party's position on DACA. It is not helping to unite the party. "Immigration is what makes our country great." He believes that Progressives have truth and morality on their side and eventually will prevail. We need to be more forceful, and to temper what we do with pragmatism.

John Fetterman believes in Community Policing, and that the Community and the Police need each other. There has not been a death through violence in his Community in 5 and a half years and he is justly proud of this. It is a trust-based relationship that takes years to build. Leadership has to come from the top. A police officer's most powerful weapon is discretion...It works in Braddock!

Vote for, donate to, and help elect John Fetterman. He clearly cares deeply for the people, and works hard for them. His primary is on the 15th of May 2018 and the links are in the video description.