#WeThePeople interviewed U.S. Senate candidate Marcia Squier (MI).

Marcia Squier on the different Political Parties; Campaign finance; Foreign policy; Climate change; the NFL and Flint.

Marcia Squier is an Independent running as a Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in Michigan. She was interviewed by #WeThePeople on September 11th, 2017. She is running against John James (Republican), Debbie Stabenow (Corporate Democratic Incumbent), John Howard Wilhelm (Natural Law) and George Huffman III (U.S. Taxpayers).

Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign inspired Marcia to run for office and she decided to go after the Incumbent over what she refers to as “The Dark Act” - which is officially called the “Denying Americans Right to Know Act” (a GMO labeling law). This was around the same time as Debbie Stabenow overruled the will of the people of Michigan by backing the 2nd placed candidate in the Democratic Primary in the State. She and all the other Michigan superdelegates did that. 7 of the 17 superdelegates were elected officials (Senate and House) and Marcia holds them personally responsible. Marcia was always an Independent and liked that Bernie was too. She is technically a Green Party member, and she agrees with a very large percentage of the Green Party platform, even probably more so than with Bernie’s platform, but she thinks that she can reach out to a broader part of the electorate as an Independent. She has friends in all parties. It enables those people to vote for her based on platform and not party line. She’s wants to represent The People and is a non-corporatist. What are your feelings – John asks, on the whole #DemEnter and #DemExit business and 3rd party movement versus working within the parties? Marcia supports the all-sides approach. She started a candidate group of her own called #yournameforoffice2018, which is multi-partisan/independent … Anybody that doesn’t belong to the 1% can join the group and promote their campaign. We all need to do this together – she says. We need an army of candidates if we are ever going to turn this country around. It’s not a conservative versus non-conservative fight. It’s the 1% versus the 99% and we need a fresh batch of uncorrupted officials.

John agrees but wonders if that includes Kid Rock? Is he part of the 99%? He’s got money – says Laura in the background. Is he a corporatist, a musician? Marcia talks about Kid Rock, and says that she thinks though that he is out of touch with what Americans of today are going through. He talks about the redistribution of wealth like it is a bad thing! John thought that what Kid Rock said was vulgar and offensive and was very much in line with Trump. I see the division in the Democratic Party between Bernie’s progressive wing and the establishment corporatist Democrats - John says. Do you see the same in the GOP between what we used to consider sane and rational although asshole and this crazier racist group, or do you think they are all the same and we just didn’t notice? Marcia thinks Trump breathed new life into that party and that all those who do have racist tendencies tend to gravitate towards (him). Coming back to Kid Rock and some of what he said … Marcia doesn’t blame single-moms (and she loves kids) but rather the system that keeps them that way, and says we should end the war-on-drugs and let the dads out of jail to take care of their children. The war-on-drugs is just a targeting tool for the minorities. Regarding Kid Rock, Marcia says that she doesn’t think he truly respects the First Amendment and we (are supposed to) respect all gods or lack of a god. Marcia is catholic and baptized all four children, but she is more interested in comparing religions than going to church every Sunday. We need to go after the 1% and not the poorest people, whilst acting like they are the root of all of our problems. I’m starting to think that Kid Rock is Michigan’s Pied Piper candidate for Debbie Stabenow.

While on the subject of Debbie Stabenow, they note that the Incumbent hangs out with Bono (and the Edge), takes money from Dow Chemical, Emily’s List, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs … Where do you take your money from – asks John? Individuals that are American citizens – Marcia replies. I don’t take Super PAC or party money, because I’m running as an Independent. I don’t even want donations over $100. I think the best way to get my name out there is the grapevine method. The shenanigans of the T.V. and media (people) during the 2016 presidential campaign brought Marcia to YouTube. So how are you reaching out – John asks? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube … Marcia had previously run for office in 2016 - as a Green, so some YouTube interviews date from then – she tells us.

Any questions Laura – John asks? Yes – she replies. Lynn is curious as to what aspects of the Green Party platform Marcia preferred to Bernie’s. Foreign policy most notably – Marcia answers. The Green Party platform is stronger on an anti-interventionist type stance. Bernie voted for the F-35 and Mad Dog Mattis. I do like his stance on cannabis legalization and his domestic policy though. Those are also in the Green Party platform. Debbie and the Democrats are secretly warmongers. Obama took us from attacking 2 to 7 or 8 countries and drones killing 90% civilians. People in Yemen are being purposefully starved to death. Palestinians are being purposefully genocided and used as guinea pigs for military grade weapons that Israel then sells to our military and/or police forces. Also, the Democrats (tend to) greenwash. They like fracking and pretending to care about the environment. They are corporatists and are paid money not to care. Debbie co-authored the Dark Act on behalf of Monsanto - says Marcia. That’s terrible – replies John. Someone should tell Bono.

On the subject of climate and climate change, do you agree with Naomi Klein when she says that our planet is on a death spiral? What should we do about it – asks John? Pollution and man-made pollution, fracking that is causing earthquakes, radioactive waste-water … All of these emissions in the air are bad for us. We don’t want to breathe carcinogens – Marcia answers. The people on the left are not hard to convince. With the people on the right, you have to talk about their pocketbook and about how renewable energy (off the grid) is not only good for the environment but good for national security purposes because if we have an outage it’s not going to cause the entire Eastern Seaboard to go out (as happened before). Use definitions of it but not the words climate change or they will plug their ears. Tell them that none of these corporations give a crap about our drinking water or our soil or our air. We have to do it. They won’t do it for us. You could talk of how oil drilling in the Gulf and the rise in sea temperatures makes hurricanes worse, and maybe we could ban that (drilling) … Why should we be addicted to fossil fuels forever? It’s a finite resource. It’s in everyone’s best interests to focus on green energy and biodegradable plastics (through) hemp products and such.

Marcia teaches sports to little kids but has been boycotting Pro Sports for quite some time now. I support Colin and his using his platform to get a message (out). If I get elected to the Senate and they play The Star Spangled Banner, I’ll take both knees in honor of black lives and brown people and minorities of every kind that have been getting squashed by the 1%, aided by the corporatists who are puppets to the 1%. Marcia muses that NFL games and rock concerts – at a time when many people don’t have the kind of money to support such extra-curricular activities, are designed in a way to put us asleep so we aren’t fighting them. If you aren’t at a game, perhaps you are spending quality time with your kid, riding a bike, attending a protest or participating in a ballot initiative … John doesn’t disagree at all. Marcia thinks Colin was well within his Constitutional Rights. The NFL is confusing patriotism with exercising your First Amendment rights. John says that players have been busted for all sorts of different things, but they are not allowed use their platform for politics or to point out the fact that the NFL is racist. They are highly paid racists – Marcia says. The actual Star Spangled Banner itself is about a battle between a white and black battalion. Needless to say the black battalion lost. There is also a verse that we don’t sing - she says (because the words are problematic). They also hid the whole “Concussions cause brain damage” thing … they are a shady organization.

John brings up Flint. The problem is still not resolved. Yes, (that’s true) - Marcia replies. They have had no clean drinking water in nearly three and a half years now (09/11/2017). There is lots of blame to go around. You’ve got the City that is (Democratic) and the Republican Governor Rick Schneider who wants Michigan to pay his legal fees. He wants to coat the pipes and not replace them! This is the guy who literally poisoned an entire city. They can’t even take hot showers or boil the water because it will send all the contaminants (lead and a lot more) into the air. They have to use all bottled water and then you have companies like Nestle who want to come in and get Michigan’s water for free, in order to then turn around and charge everyone for it. They are trying to make Flint residents pay for their poisoned water and the bills are higher than they used to be. They can’t move out because they are destitute at this point and who wants to buy a house in Flint? It’s not just Flint anymore. They are doing this to everybody. All this austerity, look what it got us! Governor Schneider has a budget surplus right now - or he did, and yet Flint is still poisoned. Marcia says Republicans don’t run in the cities, because they like to point the finger at the Democrats … It’s a good cop / bad cop thing – with them. All the corporate politicians do (that) - says John.

Why vote for Marcia? Because a vote for Marcia is a vote for the people – not just of Michigan, but of this country and planet – she says. I’m a humanitarian, not a corporatist. I love people. I’m doing this for the kids who aren’t old enough to vote for this mess that we are going to put them in, and we really need to do something about it. We as voters have to take responsibility for the politicians we put in office and can’t just trust they are doing the job they said they would do. We can look them up on OpenSecrets.org and find out who they are really representing. I’m not in there or in WikiLeaks – she grins. I’m only on crowdpac.com. You can donate $27 or $2 or if you’re broke then maybe endorse my campaign and share with people online. We need to be of, by and for the people, not of, by and for the corporations anymore. It’s not working. We’ve got to be more worried about us than the bottom line.

Awesome - says John. Peace and love to all - says Marcia. John reminds people that if they’re not running for office, they need to be helping people that are.

The links are in the video description – to donate and volunteer. Good luck on November 6th, 2018 Marcia Squier!