#WeThePeople interviewed progressive Republican Marc Whitmire (TN).

Marc Whitmire on Corruption; Internet access; Medicare for All; Free tuition; Guns; Renewable energy; Marijuana...

On January 10th, 2018 #WeThePeople met Marc Whitmire who is running as an Independent Republican in Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District. He believes the G.O.P. needs to choose between its donors and its constituents and wants to reform the Party, leading it away from corruption. He considers himself to be a People's Republican and believes that Internet access is a human right and that the said internet should be open and free. He is for Medicare for All and wants free tuition (college, university and trade schools) for all Americans. He has some interesting things to say about guns and gun control. You should definitely check that out. He wants 100% renewable energy and that we all take care of the planet. See also what you think of his views on natural gas. He would like to see independent investigations into police killings ... Respect the police - he says. Pay them better. Give them more training and crack down on the bad apples. Decriminalize marijuana. If you're in Tennessee, donate to or volunteer for Marc. Good luck on November the 6th, 2018 Marc Whitmire!