#WeThePeople interviewed Linsey Fagan (TX).

Linsey Fagan on Campaign finance; Guns; Green energy jobs; Supporting women and more...

#WeThePeople are delighted to meet Linsey Fagan (02.07.2018) - mother, single parent and entrepreneur, who is running in the 26th Congressional District of Texas.

Linsey has had enough. She wants an ethical government, one that will respect her and the American people as a whole. She has ALL SMALL DONORS and tells us that "You can beat these Incumbents. It's just going to be $15 at a time." The American people need to say to their Representatives that if they take cash from whichever company, they won't vote for them - she says. Linsey doesn't want to worry about her daughter's safety the whole time, nor to have to explain why the world is such a dangerous place. She would like to have common-sense gun regulations and like Tulsi Gabbard, is against arming terrorists. She believes in peace through diplomacy and doesn't like regime-change wars and what Veterans are subjected to. We should honor them and see that they have everything that they need she tells us passionately. Linsey knows how to talk to the people in her district. She cuts through the nonsense and to the chase. To climate deniers she argues "Why don't we err on the side of caution, we only have one Earth." We need - she continues, to protect the environment and expand green energy jobs - which are already more numerous in Texas than oil and gas jobs. Texas also needs a safety net under all the oil and gas workers as these changes are made. Linsey would like to re-train these workers to work in renewables. The air quality around Denton is very bad we learn. The people of the city voted to get rid of fracking, but the State of Texas overturned the ruling! As to Linsey's opinion on drug policy ... Legalization, taxation and regulation ... it's a no-brainer – she says! This candidate is spot on regarding women and their rights. Texas has not sent new female Representation to Congress in 20 years it seems. Yes women need Representation, the right to choose and the right to make as much money as a man, but she knows that she must put across her message without offending people. What can she say to Republican women resisting the idea of voting for a Progressive candidate on the grounds of the latter's "right to choose" stance? "I explain that what Republicans are doing is not preventing abortions, it is prolonging the process. Colorado's 3 year birth-control program has cut the abortion rate there by 50%!! For every dollar spent, they save $5! Getting an abortion is hard. Not getting one is hard. Let's just come together and focus on preventative care. Republicans are hurting women, destroying lives, interfering with what is a private matter. Let us support women 100%. Why vote for Linsey Fagan? There are only 5 Millennials in Congress. Linsey is fearless and the U.S. needs such Un-bought Representatives, people who want to get things done. She has attracted more small-dollar donors in her district in a year than anyone else ever. "As much as I might not see eye to eye with everyone in this district, I do respect everyone ... and I'll work really hard for them" Linsey tells us. Volunteer if possible, donate if you can. Good luck on November 6th, 2018 Linsey Fagan! P.S. Love the choice of music.