Trump chose corporations over the health of your babies

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Many countries around the world consider America, a bully. Many Americans find that a display of strength. This behavior is okay in business when taking positions on capital and contracts. When it comes to humanity, said action is immoral and evil. The Trump Administration placed the profits of corporations over the health of all the world's babies.

The United States of America, the country who professes morality and the absolute care for humanity balked at the World Health Assembly resolution that points out the fact that mother's milk is healthiest for children with essential suggestions to ensure the health of the world babies.

Trump not standing up for the well-being of the world's babies

According to the New York Times,

A resolution to encourage breast-feeding was expected to be approved quickly and easily by the hundreds of government delegates who gathered this spring in Geneva for the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly. Based on decades of research, the resolution says that mother’s milk is healthiest for children and countries should strive to limit the inaccurate or misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes.

Then the United States delegation, embracing the interests of infant formula manufacturers, upended the deliberations. American officials sought to water down the resolution by removing language that called on governments to “protect, promote and support breast-feeding” and another passage that called on policymakers to restrict the promotion of food products that many experts say can have deleterious effects on young children.

When a country puts the profits of corporations over the well-being of the world's babies, it illustrates an irredeemable flaw in the current occupants of government. Fearing retaliation from the United States bullying, about a dozen countries backed off from sponsoring the resolution.

The Trump administration's behavior should not be surprising at all. They have been notorious in passing policies and laws that harm their citizens. They placed into law a tax cut scam that transferred the wealth of the middle-class and the poor to the wealthy. They sabotaged the Affordable Care Act which caused many to lose their health care and will now ensure the death of many with pre-existing conditions. They have dismantled environmental regulationsthat will have a disastrous effect on the environment, people, flora, and fauna.

Ironically, Russia came to the world's rescue by sponsoring the resolution. The Americans did not object then.

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

So many controversies one could only imagine how do we set it back when he's gone


Hard to argue with that. BUT who advises Trump on these decisions. They don't seem competent at all