The Scandals of Hillary Clinton

A biography of Hillary Clinton would not be complete without the numerous scandals that have plagued her.

Hillary Clinton was one of most well figures in American political history. However, a biography of Hillary Clinton would not be complete without the numerous scandals that have plagued her since first being thrown into the public spotlight in 1974. These scandals have an interesting place in history because they ultimately changed the course of history. Additionally, they are important because of her stature as a First Lady, U.S. Senator from New York, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for President as well as their impact on three presidencies: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Another note is that some scandals are tied directly to her husband, Bill Clinton, but are indelibly connected to her.

In March of 2015, the New York Times released a story about Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email at the State Department that created a legal and media firestorm for the next two years. At the start of her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton pleaded and demanded that she be able to use her personal blackberry, and therefore her personal email and its corresponding server, for State Department business. Clinton claimed this use of the blackberry was for convenience, however, critics say transparency and security were compromised. Transparency was under assault because of the 62,320 emails as Secretary of State, she turned over only 30,490 to the State Department and investigators in 2016. The rest of the emails, she claims, were of personal matters. Then these emails threatened security because some contained classified information that was not protected due to private server’s minimal protections. In July of 2016, the FBI concluded that Clinton did not break any laws, but opined she was “extremely careless”. Then eleven days before the 2016 presidential election, the FBI reopened the investigation because of new found emails only to close it again nine days later staying with the previous conclusion.

Below is a list of 14 Hillary Clinton scandals. The first 9 scandals were investigated and found no evidence of wrongdoings while the final 5 scandals were not investigated.

  1. Whitewater – The Clintons had financial dealings with a real estate entity as public officials of Arkansas which lead investigations that put the Clintons under the microscope for the remainder of their administration.
  1. Travelgate – The Clinton administration fired seven travel employees that cleared the way for allies of the Clintons. This lead to questions of the Clinton’s ethics and an independent counsel to examine Hillary’s comment and actions.
  1. Vince Foster’s death – A White House lawyer died while investigating the Clintons’ scandals. The FBI, Justice Department and special prosecutors found Foster died with no outside interference, but still conspiracy swirled about the situation.
  1. Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky – Bill Clinton’s sexual relations with women, specifically Lewinsky, lead Clinton to a public apology and impeachment under perjury and obstruction of justice.
  1. Filegate – Files of background information on White House employees and Republicans in Congress were found, but an independent counsel found no wrongdoings on the part of the Clintons, only two staff members.
  1. Benghazi – Clinton’s misleading comments and failure to protect a U.S. diplomatic compound lead to four American deaths, a House investigation and a review by the Accountability Review Board.
  1. Clinton Foundation – This ambiguous organization had led to countless accusations

of conflicts of interest and quid pro quo, not to mention the congressional and outside investigations.

  1. Private email server – Clintons use of a private email muddies transparency of government records and classified info left unprotected. An intense issue on the campaign, the FBI and the State Department both examined the situation.
  1. Chinagate – Chinese funds were found in Democratic campaigns but no evidence supported this claim.
  1. Speeches – Clinton delivered several speeches to questionable audiences including Wall St. firms that earned her millions of dollars. Moreover, some of these transcripts have not been released leading to many unresolved questions of transparency and corruption.
  1. Troopergate – Arkansas troopers arranged sexual liaisons for Governor Clinton but no investigation was brought forth.
  1. Child Rapist – Clinton appeared to laugh at a child rapist’s light sentence, however on the tape Clinton’s laugh is completely unrelated.
  1. Made Up Stories – Clinton says she came to Bosnia under sniper fire which lead to a public statement where Clinton said she misspoke.
  1. Politically attacked victims – Critics say Clinton politically attacked sexual harassment victims in an interview but these are thoughts and perceptions towards her.

This list shows scandalous incidents with Hillary Clinton that have not lead to any prosecutions or indictments. However, these incidents have created a pattern which has led the public to a corrupt picture of Clinton. Her career in public service was overshadowed by these scandals and the public increasingly viewed Clinton as untrustworthy and inauthentic. These perceived flaws in her character was a major factor in the 2016 presidential election and ultimately led to her loss to the most unpopular presidential candidate ever.


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