The five issues Democrats and Progressives must push to win 2018 midterms

Five issues Democrats must have on the tip of their tongues if they intend to win the 2018 midterms.

Progressives and Democrats are at a fork. They can decide if they want to win big, a blue wave, or if they're going to coast to possible victory. These five issues are sure to guarantee the tsunami. It is imperative that these points are addressed now so that Americans feel Democrats will get the job done.

The Democratic Party divided Texas into six regions. Southeast Texas Regional Director Sanjanetta Barnes appeared on Politics Done Right to discuss the Texas Democratic Party goals in organizing the state. They divided the state into six regions. She said they would be investing resources in ensuring a victory.

I explained to the director that no amount of organizing would create a win unless the party is willing to tackle real issues that materially impact poor and middle-class America and all the permutations in between.

Progressives must define their opponents first so that it is them who are on the defensive. Then, tell poor and middle-class America in a district-specific manner, what is in it for them. It must be clear to them what they expect out of voting for Democrats.

  • Democrats will fix the health care issue once and for all with a single-payer Medicare for All system.
  • Democrats will provide student loan relief.
  • Democrats will provide need-based subsidized child care for anyone who wants to work.
  • Democrats will decriminalize marijuana and treat drug use as the disease that it is.
  • Democrats will make the criminal justice system live up to the "Justice is Blind" motto.

Those five bullet points expressed in different terms will work in every district in America. It appeals to millennials, people of color, all working class people, parents, and every demographic in between. Most importantly these bullet points afford Americans a path to self-sufficiency It frees them from aberrations in the economy that stunts innovation, the inability to start one's business, and the dependency and the enslavement to the corporation. One would hope that every Democrat who gets on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, HLN, or any other network would steer every topic to these bullet points.

Most of the folks who listened to the the program and/or read the blog post agreed but balked at not specifically including DACA, Abortion Rights, the environment, and most of the other very important issues Progressives believe in and that we must fight for continuously. My contention is that politicians who support the above-mentioned issues already support or can be made to support all or most Progressive issues. By making our list one that objectors seem like anti-human, anti-middle-class hacks kill two birds with one stone. Most importantly we do not allow them to bog us down in certain fights that are not immediately mathematically unobjectionable.

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Student loan relief sounds like a great idea. Pitch these to some Republicans too while they're still majority now. Hopefully some progressives and liberal candidates can read this!

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


I also want to add that it's refreshing to see this
smart mini platform of policy. The last two years have been nothing but Democrat resistence to Trump. If they had put anything at all out there in terms of policy goals, things might be more certain for then=m in the midterms and they would be a more viable alternative to the R's.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Welcome to Political Storm PDR! Glad to have your voice in the community.