The devolution of our society is you, not our Youth.

When I see adults attacking children online it is hard to ignore that we are creating the problems we blame on others.

When people want to point out the issues in our country most of us would agree that it has something to do with the “Kids these Days”.

Kids these days don’t understand the value of a dollar like we did.

Kids these days are coddled too much.

Kids these days don’t have the respect that we had.

Kids these days are selfish.

Kids these days don’t know how to put in the work we did.

Kids these days are too busy being online than being in the real world.

Kids these days, kids these days, kids these days…

And it’s easy. Hell, when I go online and I see the number one song being sung by a young man with Bozo the Clown like colored hair, Paul Wall grill, and school yard tattoos who’s only telligible lyric is “Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang” it becomes hard for me not to cringe at the state of youth culture in our county.

I’m reminded that this is a symptom of the classic “I’m not young anymore” syndrome. A state of being that rejects the ridiculousness of modern youth culture for the refined and equally ridiculous culture of my own youth.

I’m sure I’m not the only one past their 30’s who listens to today’s music and thinks “Music was so much better in our era”. Quickly forgetting that there was a #1 song where the chorus was

“Thong tha thong thong thong” When we were in high school.

*Like the way the booty goes ba ba ba. *

Not exactly the peak of musical refinement, but I’m aware of it.

The point is this is natural to be overly critical of future generations because our turn in the carefree spotlight is over. We had our chance to make poorly thought out decisions which has given us the experience to see when other people are doing it.

This is circle of life stuff. Pretty sure they mentioned this in the Lion King at some point.

What seems to be problematic is that now this critical eye has become a blaming one. Shouldering the weight our country’s problems at the decisions of our youth. If you spent anytime online you most certainly saw numerous posts stating “The lack of respect by our youth” or the “Over coddling” being blamed for why so many children appear to be walking into schools and firing upon innocent people.

Let’s take out the fact that from a purely logistical standpoint it is asinine to assume that the people who’ve been living here longer (us) have less responsibility than the newcomers (teens) in the state of the country. It’s classic slumlord mind set. We set the tone with a shitty apartment we’ve been maintaining for years and blame the new tenant when the knob in the shower breaks.

“Well you knew it was broken so you shoulda known not to turn it as hard.”

Is essentially the mindset we have bestowed on our youth, except it isn’t a dilapidated shower, but instead self-serving values and a lack of accountability and integrity as people.

Yeah. The adults of our country no longer seem to know what it means to be an actual adult.

To have integrity, respect, compassion, and understanding toward other people.

Crazy I’m going to be the one to say this in an online news article, but for any of you who want to argue with what I’m about to say ...can I point you to any chat room you’ve been on lately?

Does it look like the peak of emotional maturity? Does it appear that the adults in the room are fully accountable and self-reliant people? Is there a ton of understanding going on in any of those rooms?

Please if I’m speaking incorrectly let me know. However, I truly doubt that any of what I just said is inaccurate.

Because you damn well know that most people don’t’ know how to act online and it is usually justified with, “Yeah but they don’t respect me” or “It is the only way they’ll hear me” or “I only disrespect those who don’t show it…” Which sounds really mature, but I’m not here to lecture, just to make a point. Honestly, I’m not one to sit anywhere and act better than, full disclosure in a heated argument online as recently as yesterday I told someone I would bang their mom.

It’s the wild west out here, so you do what you got to do what you got to do.

Point is, that it is what it is.

I make this point to turn to what I’ve seen recently in the aftermath of the school shooting in Florida. Where an insurmountable amount of adults. Grown men and women have spent their time lambasting the survivors of that attack. Grown men and women, the current leaders of our country, criticizing and attacking children. Children who survived a terrorist attack.

Let me say this again… Grown men and women are spending their time discrediting, attacking, disrespecting, devaluing, and mocking children who survived terrorism in our county.


Yeah man. Just absolutely crazy.

And yes, I understand that there are X, Y,Z reasons why you don’t like the politicization these children are being used for. Got it. I’m with you.

But that is different than the actual children. That is different than being an adult and having the maturity to discern who and what to be upset with.

That is adults reflecting all the values they claim others are doing that are ruining our country and no one seems to be man or woman enough to step up and say “Oh shit, I’m the problem right now. My bad”.

It’s really that simple.

Saying you are wrong or out of line for your conduct.

Like me telling that man I’d bang his mom because he called me a libtard.

I don’t even know what his mom looks like for starters and she may not even like slightly balding men.

The whole thing is ridiculous, but at least I can admit that.

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I mostly agree with you. Having given it some thought recently I would say that the major problem isn't youth, but the acceptance by people of preceding generations that "Wrong" is merely a view point. I've studied a very little bit of philosophy and while opinions on secular moral absolutes differ, but I will say it's disturbing to see that individuals are willing to take credit for accomplishments, but unwilling to acknowledge that their failings are their own. If a kid with a rough upbringing writes a piece of code that improves something, typically they're hailed as an example. If that same kid were to join ISIS they might be morally absolved since they were "vulnerable" on account of having a hard childhood. IMHO, if it's going to matter when you "stand up and are counted" then you have to take ownership when the counting goes against you. You are definitively wrong about one major point though, and I think you need to face up to it, and own it as a mature, reasonable adult: music really was better when we were younger. It really was.

Pat Greer
Pat Greer


True that

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Nice points! Some adults just grow in age and not in mental capacity thus this dilemma. Bam!

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