Simple explanation of Single Payer Medicare for All and getting there

This is the program that will encourage you to make sure government becomes we the people.

I will explain Single-Payer Medicare for All in straightforward terms. If one reads it subjectively, it will be evident very quickly why it is the only economically viable alternative to our immoral, corrupt, and draconian health care system. I will use common sense answers to refute all the naysayers' statements. If you think I miss answering any leave me a comment.

A detailed explanation of Single-Payer Medicare for all is here. But let's explain one possible implementation from the patient point of view.

  1. Every single resident of the United States by being born will have cradle to death access to a basic level of health care as agreed upon by the citizens of the United States through their Representatives in Congress.
  2. Health insurance companies will no longer cover basic health care, a single payer, we the people, the government will.
  3. Instead of paying premiums to insurance companies, premiums in the form of taxes based on one's income for health care coverage.
  4. If one gets sick, they go to a doctor of their choice.
  5. If one needs hospitalization, they go to the hospital of their choice that can handle their condition.
  6. The patient never has to pay a bill. At no time is money exchanged but measures will be implemented to protect against fraud.

A. Will this cost more than today's health care system?

No. If there is only one entity paying the bill, here are the huge savings that can go towards ensuring everyone is insured.

  1. Millions dollar pay to the many executives of hundreds of insurance companies eliminated.
  2. Billions paid to shareholders as dividends from profits are no longer necessary. Remember profits increase as more health care is denied health insurance customers, the patients.
  3. Thousands of health insurance claim adjusters are unnecessary.
  4. Several hundred thousand insurance adjusters in doctors' offices are unnecessary.
  5. Thousands of insurance salespeople and with that billions in commissions are not necessary.
  6. Billions of dollars different insurance companies advertising to get customers are no longer needed.
  7. Likely billions of dollars are saved from not having to have different database systems to manage health insurance customers.
  8. Billions saved as patients can get health care before the expensive progression of many illnesses;
  9. I am sure I forgot quite a few other savings.

B. Will Single-Payer Medicare for All cost less?

Yes. Even a Koch Brothers study inadvertently pointed that out.

C. Will all Americans get coverage?

That is the whole idea. Everyone gets covered, and it will cost less to do so.

D. Will a lot of people get laid off?

Yes. But that is taken into account. There will be disruption, but those employees will be taken care of long enough for them to be absorbed into the employment pool.

E. Can health care improve in this country at a lower cost?

Every industrialized nation that spends less than America has better health outcomes.

F. So why are we wasting so much money?

Plutocrats try to convert everything into a product to make money. They falsely claim that competition and market forces can bring down the cost of health care. That is a mathematical impossibility. Market-based insurance can only be delivered if costs mentioned in (A)  are present. Single-Payer Medicare for All eliminates those costs. The second reason is that when one gets sick, they do not have many options to shop around. In fact, each insurance company acts like a mini-government restricting the doctors you can see and the drugs you can take.

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