Should Bernie Sanders run again? I say no (for now)

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I was a national delegate for Bernie Sanders in 2016. It was a wild time. Bernie had the most ardent supporters who adored the man. I supported his policies wholeheartedly. If not for the prism of the plutocratic media and a Democratic Party Establishment who had settled on who its nominee was going to be, Sanders would have been President.

Politics is a dirty sport, and if you enter it, you have to be willing to play it; the bidirectional animosity in the Democratic Party, a remnant of the 2016 primary needs to be over.

It is clear that many on the left including the establishment media have already started their attempt to kill a Bernie Sanders primary run by a thousand cuts. If Bernie wants to run, none of that will deter him. Instead it will simply inflame his passionate supporters.

The reports of sexism and misogyny in the Sanders campaign is likely real. We must call out these horrendous acts not only in select places but everywhere. I've been to meetings where I was shocked to find out how deep is that cancer. It is everywhere and no organization is immune.

America is at an impasse and there is little time to allow external superfluous fluff to overtake the real debate on issues. In the #MeToo era, a white Progressive Male who is a thorn to the establishment will be made into an example. It will suck the air out of debate.

The Progressive blogosphere can attempt to change the narrative and force the mainstream media to be objective. This will likely be ineffective because the #MeToo passion will create interesting cross-ideological allies.

So should Bernie Sanders run? Progressives will have a hard enough time getting airtime. Having two will likely dilute the possibility for any one of them winning.

Our movement is about the country and not the individual. Elizabeth Warren has staked out the Progressive position. The reality is I am yearning to have the United States of America governed by a female President. It is time. Bernie Sander could consider being magnanimous and selfless and support the most Progressive campaign possible. He can help out and continue being the messaging firebrand.

Again, should Bernie run? No. I hope he considers being the Progressive ambassador doing the rounds throughout the alternative media building from the ground up.

Now, if he decides to run, I must admit it would be hard for me not be one of his national delegates again. He would likely get my support.

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