Shahid Buttar on The 4th Amendment (CA) - #WeThePeople

Shahid Buttar discusses the 4th Amendment and how it has been viciously eroded!

Shahid tells us in response to a YT question, that the Fourth Amendment has been viciously eroded, in the way for example that the Police have impunity when retaliating against citizens exercising their First Amendment rights (such as recording police activities). They’ve emboldened themselves, intimidated the public and extended their authorities by arresting people… without corresponding jurisprudence. He describes as a frontal attack the NSA and the idea that you have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures, which is much more than privacy… It is the freedom of expression on which our democracy rests. It is ultimately the opportunity for democracy to exist. We flirt with losing those protections, he says. Shahid certainly favours police accountability for violence, for profiling, although charging police with tyranny might be a bit of a stretch (YT). He would also like to reform “Qualified Immunity” which is the defence the Police use if you sue for physical harm. He’d like it to be illegal per se. There should be liability as a Matter of Law for any police officer who kills an unarmed person.