Riding “a roller coaster” in My Journey with Bernie

It’s a true story, an adventure, and reads like “a roller coaster ride” with incredible highs, steep drops, and lows.

It’s a true story, an adventure, and reads like “a roller coaster ride” with incredible highs, steep drops, and lows with inspirational, uplifting stories about the people who are bringing enthusiasm, hope, and leading a new political revolution.

In My Journey with Bernie, I share my personal account and stories and lessons learned from people met on the journey during the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, at caucuses and primaries, and conventions. And, I gain trust in the power of people with renewed optimism for a "future to believe in."

“Look it's not about me, it's about us, and when we stand together we can do anything” Bernie Sanders tells the volunteers at the Reno Rally in December 2015 pointing his finger directly at me urging all of us to do more. At that moment, I feel the Bern.

The next thing I know, I am co-leading 300 people from 30 states to go to Iowa for the first Democratic Party caucus to begin a journey traveling around the country and the world. All the way to the DNC Convention in Philly.

I was one person among millions of Americans who joined the campaign and the volunteer-based revolution. As dedicated Berners, Bernie led the way with the campaign focused on rallies, television debates, and speeches. Our advantage, the bottom-up, organic organization moved faster with creativity and innovation than the establishment, DNC, corporate media and special interest groups. Bernie repeats the message in every speech that the only way to take on the political establishment is if millions of people come together and step up. The revolution starts with us.

My journey took me all the way to Philadelphia as a pledged delegate at the 2016 DNC convention and beyond. During the week, we did not get much rest and spent every minute in Philly cheering, protesting, and doing everything possible to convince the superdelegates and the political establishment to select Bernie as our nominee for President, the best candidate to defeat Trump. In the end, the selection process was completed years in advance.

Bernie gave us something much more important than his candidacy for President; he gave us each other. He shared the lessons from his life experience, his many years of activism, campaigning and grassroots progressive change. Bernie created a movement with millions of people like me.

Today, with all the hijinks in Washington, D.C., how good does Bernie Sanders look today compared to the current occupant of the White House?

Our revolution continues and I am #StillSanders fighting for the critical issues for the people including healthcare for all, affordable college education, affordable housing, no more wars, campaign finance reform, and more.

Many people are frustrated and have given up hope especially those that believe the Democratic party was “rigged.” The people who volunteered to get out the vote for Bernie fought for the best candidate to defeat Trump. I know that I will continue and not only resist but fight for a political revolution. My role as a connector between the inside and the outside is important. During Bernie's speech to the delegates he explained that it is not about him, it is us. #NotMeUs. It is not a single campaign it is a movement. Even if Bernie were the President; even if we eliminated Citizens United, it is not enough. We need to bring a political revolution to every level of government from local school boards and city councils in every community and every state in our country.

I know that I am part of history. And, my journey continues.

Please find my book at Amazon and join me at MyJourneywithBernie.com.

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Loved Bernie's views. Still believe he should have won the primaries. He stood a better chance at winning for his platform and experience. But yeah Hillary did win and eventually lost.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Great read folks! Congratulations Kacey! For our readers, Kacey did live interb=views and coverage of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.