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I have been very excited about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is young. She is vibrant. She is exciting. Most importantly, she is wise beyond her years. While the Right Wing, Republicans, and Centrist Democrats seem to have her in their cross-hairs, seeking to make every faux pas a critical failure, I revere her wisdom that stands beyond her 29 years. You see, her win was not an aberration. Her win was calculated. Her win was orchestrated. She campaigned using the Democratic Socialism message and won.

That she won on the Democratic Socialism message should surprise no one. In fact, anyone who campaigns on that message irrespective of U.S. district's ideology would likely win if done correctly. This is not conjecture. You see, most Americans stand for these values. Every poll done on the wants and needs of Americans proves it.

To win on the message is easy. To win after the message is defined as Democratic Socialism is next to impossible today in most districts. A Harris County Texas blogger recently castigated me for being a Democrat and promoting Democratic Socialism by name even as he agreed with all the fundamental tenets.

"Americans hate the word Socialism," he shouted. "Putting the word Democratic in front of it won't change anything. They think Cuba and Venezuela."

Unfortunately, that blogger is correct. But he is correct because like most Democrats and Progressives he is either too lazy, too timid, or have too little faith in Americans. I don't. I believe in doing the work necessary to deprogram Americans from the tenets of the Powell Manifesto which was designed to have them remain indentured servants to the corporations. I am willing to do the work necessary to help Americans empower themselves by first given them the truth personalized to their situations.

I interviewed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at Netroots 2017 in Atlanta Georgia. I found her to be engaging but most importantly she knew the needs of Americans. Unlike most politicians, she knew how to express the solution to their needs with policies she was able to articulate in a language not only that they understood but that they believed was possible. After the interview and before anyone believed she could win the whole thing, I told her I would be calling her Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She looked at me bright-eyed smiling and just said thank you excitedly. I have it on video for posterity.

Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, people with a Progressive viewpoint symmetric with most Americans are the future of the Democratic Party. The sooner the Establishment realizes that the quicker we can effect change in a united manner.

What we need are fearless Progressives who will not cower to the onslaught of those influenced by the Plutocracy. But it must be the grassroots supporting and giving spine and financial support to these politicians willing to create an economy that works for you and not you bending to support some economy that rewards a few. The question is, are you ready?

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