Planned: Brett Kavanaugh is just the continuation. But it is not over yet.

This is the progressive program that will take the mystery out of politics.

It's the American Plutocracy that wanted Kavanagh because they knew that the Progressive base in this country is growing. A Progressive America means no longer tolerating a corporate pathology that uses them as commodities. It says they are no longer going to support the method of extraction that forces people to live and work solely for the support of a few.

The legitimate way to subjugate democracy in America is through the constitutional protocol. That is via the Supreme Court. We always speak about the government having three branches as a check and balance on each other. Well if the Plutocracy wholly owns the Presidency and the Supreme Court, then we don't have democracy because anything the people's House and the people's Senate do can go unsigned by the President or overturned by the Supreme Court.

We must understand the intersectionality between business, politics, and the brainwashing of communities and country. Governance by coerced fiat is no accident. Regular listeners of Politics Done Right may remember our discussions of the Powell Manifesto. It is the template used to educate us into voting against our interest by infiltrating all institutions from think tanks (e.g., Heritage Foundation), to schools/colleges/universities, to media, to churches, and government.

They have effectively deconstructed our Progressive agenda for the last 38 years, even under Democratic Presidents. And the results are stark as we are working harder for less. It is as if 80% of us and growing are falling into indentured servitude with no ability to build a nest egg for the future to live on or pass on to our offsprings.

Many thought President Obama would or could be the change, our political savior. Even Obama knew that he could not. What did he say? "You are the change we have been waiting for." He was correct.

We must be our own savior. And how do we do that? It is multifaceted.

  • We must educate ourselves through vetted, trusted sources.
  • We must engage our friends, neighbors, families irrespective of their ideology always keeping the conversation going by doing a whole lot of listening even as you impart our truths. As tedious as it is at some time it will make a difference when something triggers the need.
  • We must vote as informed citizens in our best interest.
  • We must support organizations that are genuinely working to get Progressive policies enacted with body and money if capable.
  • We must support Independent Media by listening to, watching, and sharing their trusted content. It is the only way we will get our message out in an unadulterated manner. The mainstream media ultimately owe their existence to the corporate advertisers who fund them. Independent media is the real, fourth estate who owes its allegiance to the people.

Had Independent Media been better equipped and funded, Donald Trump would not be President. Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch would not have been Supreme Court Justices. Our environment would still be protected. Medicare for All would be the law of the land. Why? Americans would have been much better educated on these issues. They would have known that unlike what Republicans say and the mainstream media promotes, the money is there for all of the Progressive programs.

Americans need to invest in Independent Media. We are all struggling to move the Progressive message forward and to educate and enlighten. The sum of thousands of small subscribers makes the masses more powerful than the Koch Brothers and the corporatocracy who control the mainstream media. They were responsible for usurping our Democracy. We are responsible for taking it back. We still have a little time left before virtual irreversibility.

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