Pity Trumpist black Republican I debated on KPFT’s Conscious Mindset (VIDEO)

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I am known to maintain my calm through every debate. There was something about the exchange with this Trumpist Black Republican that took me to the boiling point though I remained civil if forceful. It is so amazing how disciplined the Right is all of the times.

Exchange with Trumpist Black Republican

Cognitive dissonance was evident in this exchange with this Trumpist black Republican that illustrates the difficult job ahead in repairing the country. As he parroted the GOP talking points, I could not help but get temporarily depressed. This man is old enough to understand the dog whistles emanating from what is left of the Republican Part, yet, like a slave to his master, he maintained message discipline that never attempted to engage on real issues.

The Black Republican refused to address that the current Republican Party is nothing but the remnant of the splintered Democratic Party, the Dixiecrats, who made the party their own until they took full control for its complete Rightward shift.

This black Republican could not see in his heart that healthcare must be a right in a civil society. He had Ayn Randian philosophy where he believed we must do everything on our own. Ironically, he did not know who Ayn Rand was.

The man seemed to believe that Trump delivered on his promises.

"I don't understand why people are upset," the black Republican said. "We got more jobs. We got tax cuts. We got jobs coming back. But yet people are upset. What are you upset about. Immigration? What's wrong with making America first. That's one of the first laws of nature. Nature is self-preservation. I have to look out for me before I can look out for anybody else. And so these things that are changing and he's changing things up at the United Nations is where we've been responsible for taking care of all these. But all those things are changing and putting us first."

He simply does not understand. The antiseptic nature of his discourse is probative. What is amazing is how fast the Ayn Randian type run to the government upon their first encounter with problems.

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