My response to a woman who believes women must submit to men

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Men will continue to unfairly dominate unless those most affected, women and their male allies, destroy the concept of its validity. I frequently listen to the radio show Conscious Mindset hosted by Sedrick Keeler and Brother Evans on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston. A friend of the doctor asked me to listen to the show this Sunday. I am happy I listened given that the message that would have been left hanging is nothing less than destructive to many women. I've appeared several times on this show a few times on controversial subjects. I could not help but call in to refute a woman's claim that women must submit to men.

Must women submit to men?

I almost popped a vessel in my brain listening to this woman's attempt to justify that women must submit to men. Worse was listening to her categorically say that she was not equal to man, implying that she was less than a man. I taught my only daughter to submit to no man or woman. She is to use her mind to always learn from others, inform when applicable always knowing that we are all equally worthy. It is painful to see a woman degrade her value, seemingly on her own. Of course, we know better.

One of the show's guests, Dr. Alauna, a Trauma Psychiatrist, seemed to be virtually alone as she tried to combat a remnant from slavery and patriarchy, the act of women submitting to men just because. It was clear she was trying to be diplomatic without offending what was a decidedly hostile crowd toward's the independence and equality of women.

​I called in to set the record straight IMHO. I blamed the black church in my commentary, but my comments apply to all churches and institutions who continue to make women a subject of male dominance. That has had a damaging effect on our politics and women and men alike en masse. Why? Because a large percentage of the American citizenry is still influenced by religion.

The election of Donald Trump even with his history of sexism and misogyny is probative. He can get away with that bad behavior because deep within the psyche of many, he is a man and he should get away with it.

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

Nobody should "submit" themselves to anybody. Kinda creepy.