Laura Moser Interview: The DCCC knock her down & the people said NO!

The DCCC tried to knock Laura Moser out of the race, but instead, it made her one of the Houston Progressive icons.

Texas Progressive activists are working off their behinds to turn Texas blue. Unfortunately, sometimes the party who should be their friend tends to disappoint. Laura Moser did not succumb to the sleazy tactics of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). And she did not hold back in the interview she gave to Politics Done Right.

Texas District 7 Representative Congressman John Culberson is in a vulnerable position. More than seven Democratic candidates vied to represent the district. The race was mostly clean with candidates that looked like the diversity present in Houston. It was up to that district to decide who they want to elect. It is clear that most communities are becoming more progressive if not overtly, in the policies they want. It is clear that the district was going to make that decision in their selection of the candidate they want to represent them.

It is for that reason that the DCCC drew the ire of activists and candidates alike when they launched a smear campaign on one of the candidates, Laura Moser who is our guest today. I won't repeat the smears nor will I give them legs nor should anyone. The Democratic Establishment is running around the country attempting to select candidates that are not necessarily Progressive for what is supposed to be a blue wave. Here is a message to the Democratic Party. There will be no blue wave with Republican-lite candidates posing as Democrats. Texas deserves much better. The country wants better and deserves better.

Laura Moser did not give the Democratic Party a pass. She was unapologetic in her admonishment. But most importantly she urged the constituents of her district to go out and vote.

Watch the entire episode here.