It’s Only Been Two Weeks!

The alarming events in Steve Bannon’s

I mean, Donald Trump’s presidency are coming so fast and furiously, it is impossible to keep up. I will summarize it for you simply: it’s horrible.

My resistance plan had been to wear a different Nasty Woman t-shirt every day for the next four years. A friend suggested it should be the same shirt to illustrate the decay of the county. I thought either was a solid strategy to fight back, but, as his regime grows increasingly erratic and dictatorial, I clearly need to do more. Now my plan is to keep on my person at all times a protest pack so that I am always ready to go. It will include a p***y hat, Nasty Woman paraphernalia, and a selection of signs for all the causes we need to stand up for, which are becoming so numerous that my protest pack will soon become a dissent trunk.

The most dreadful act by Trump, so far, has been the Muslim ban—which the administration has called not a ban, then a ban, then not a ban, then a ban. Trump barred travel to the U.S. by citizens of seven middle-eastern countries for 90 days. This left workers and students unable to return to the country. Many were detained at airports for hours. And he announced a 120-day suspension in taking in Syrian refugees, even though there is already a strong vetting process. It was a move made all the more cruel by announcing it on Holocaust Remembrance Day. We were reminded of the Jewish refugees who were turned away from America and wound up in concentration camps. I am sure that was on Senator Chuck Schumer’s mind when he displayed what Trump called “fake tears” when talking about the ban on refugees. His executive order and mocking of “fake tears” show Trump’s pathological lack of empathy. His malicious actions and words made me shed my own fake tears.

Meanwhile we have a Cabinet that is whack. It includes a Russian-allied oil executive as secretary of state, an attorney general who has suspect views on civil and voting rights, and agency heads who seem to want to destroy the very agencies they are heading. We also have a Congress which is rapidly overturning regulations such as one that prohibited coal waste from being dumped in streams and another that prevented mentally ill people from acquiring guns. And we don’t have a Democrat in the White House to veto any of this legislation. It’s a living nightmare.

In just a fortnight (I am using a Shakespearean-era word here to convey the tragedy of it all), the Trump administration has proven incompetent and dangerous. “President” Steve Bannon has indicated a desire to go to war with China. This could happen alongside wars with Iran, Mexico and Australia. (Yes, Trump has managed to alienate even Australia. A stalwart ally may soon say, “So long, mate.”)

At least we have found our voices in protests. I went to two this past weekend, including one at JFK airport. These protests are growing into a movement, which is thrilling. It is also thrilling to announce to friends on Facebook that I participated in these protests and brag about what a great citizen I am. These huge rallies aren’t just happening in the liberal coastal cities. There are large ones in places like Louisville, Kentucky (although that city is on the Ohio River, so maybe that’s considered coastal).

Responding to these enormous protests, Democrats on the Hill are growing more of a backbone when it comes to fighting the administration. And many in the country are long past giving him a chance. (This excludes actor Matthew McConaughey, who said Americans need to embrace Trump, but we all know that he is high.)

Many people voted for Trump because they wanted to end of business as usual in Washington. Well, congratulations, because they certainly got that. If things keep going this way, we could have the end of any functioning Washington, or even the end of Washington.

Yes, Trump is even worse than we imagined. And it’s only been two weeks!

Hilary Schwartz is a comedian and writer based in NYC with love (and hate) for politics. She is a regular contributor to Political Storm.