It’s not the Midterm 2018 October Surprise we expected. There are three surprise

This is the progressive program that will take the mystery out of politics.

This is not a standard midterm election. And if Progressives do not win Midterm 2018, it will prove that the lies, hate, nativism, nationalism., sexism, xenophobia. and misogyny is the way for a minority to scare a majority into supporting the opposition.

Let's first tackle a lie that is not an October Surprise, just a lie. Congress has adjourned and there is no way to get a tax cut through before the election. Fortune reported it as follows.

President Donald Trump announced a new 10% tax cut would come into effect before the midterms, intended only for the middle class, not for businesses—nor the rich.
Congress isn’t in session, congressional leaders haven’t heard about it, nothing has been drafted, and Trump seemed to have invented it from whole cloth on Oct. 20, based on a confirmation provided by a White House spokesperson who spoke to CNBC.

So here is the October Surprise Trio.

  • Withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
  • The caravan of brown people/terrorists and MS-13 coming to storm America.
  • The orchestrated stock market fall used to blame the fear of a blue wave.

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