In April #WeThePeople interviewed Tyler Myles Vega who is running in Washington.

Tyler Myles Vega on “Article the First”; the Second Amendment; Medicare for All; Sustainability; His pirate ship; ...

Tyler Myles Vega - founder of the Washington Berniecrats Coalition, is running for the Progressive Party (which is an actual party in the State) in the 6th Congressional District of Washington. He is the owner of a modern day pirate ship, a 78-foot vessel that he has got some really cool plans for. I am involved in those plans – John tells us. We’ll tell you more about this later – he says. Tyler was interviewed by #WeThePeople on April 9th, 2018.

The following is a statement from Tyler’s website (possibly written during the 2016 campaign): “There is a revolution afoot. It’s clear in the Facebook feeds and endless Twitters that people are ready for the change. Not just ready, it’s considered literally a matter of life and death. There are hordes of us, running for office across the country, eager to make a change for the better. We are done with big money calling the shots. We are awake, we are aware, we are organized. Gone are the days when the two-party system can scare us into choosing the lesser evil. Good is here and good is rising to meet the world’s challenges in every corner of our nation. I am a Green, a Berniecrat, a part of the Brand New Congress, a supporter of both Senator Bernie Sanders as well as Dr. Jill Stein. I believe in progressive values, environmental responsibility, inclusivity and multi-partisan politics. My passion is in the alliances that cross these boundaries, especially from liberal to conservative. There’s so much we agree on. For the rest, I hold my ground and listen carefully.”

When did you found the WA Berniecrats, and why - asks John? Originally it was an anti-superdelegate coalition. It was clear that the Primaries were going to be rigged, and they were – Tyler says, so he organized people to run against all the people in elected office who were superdelegates. We needed to evolve to coalition-building direction-wise. The left – that’s the Green Party, the Progressive Party, Our Revolution and Progressive Democrats all needed to gel together, or they were going to be toast. The spirit of the Berniecrats was this idea of uniting. At the time Tyler was a both a Green Party candidate and the founder of WA Berniecrats. That got really complicated – he says, but the group now is an arm of Uphill Media. They are also most of the votes for the WA Our Revolution group. They have strong ties to the Greens and the Progressive Party of WA State. Basically every progressive group that we can interface with - we try to do that. We believe that that’s the crux of the solution. We have to learn to work together - even though we disagree on some stuff.

Yes – says John, and you’ve built relationships with Whole WA and the Red Berets and so many different groups including the different Our Revolution groups out there. It’s incredible to hear what’s going on … and I just hear what’s talked about on the shows. You recently started reaching out through Action Network and emails. How is it now (04/09/2018) that we are gearing up for the actual WA Primary? Still a little scary – Tyler replies. The real hard-cores are working very hard and you see that. You know now who’s in and who’s really in it for the people, but it’s still pretty hard to get people up and moving. Fortunately Universal healthcare became the rallying point for the whole country. He speaks of the big march organized for May 6th, 2018. Close allies of his, from the “Berniecrats movement” have been pushing that forward in a way that is giving us the kind of juice that we need to feel inspired about it – he says. That is maintaining hope and keeping the great enemy (apathy) at bay. The latter is one of the huge, huge problems. We are going forward, but we need more than that. We need everybody up and awake and ready to make some change, or it’s going to be pretty ugly. John agrees. He doesn’t see any big push for progressive movement in Oregon (outside the core group) either, and their Primary is coming up in May. WA and Oregon - he says, are deceivingly non-progressive States. Up here a lot of people think it’s enough to have a Democrat. Tyler agrees – WA is a neoliberal stronghold. The system is designed so that you’re supposed to accept the lesser of two evils. It has been that way for a long time. We have got to shift the paradigm – he says.

Inspiring as the aforementioned coalition-building efforts are, Progressives are going up against incumbents with some serious resources and power. This time – Tyler says, I’m running for the Progressive Party, even if I’m every bit a Green and always will be. That’s on principal for the coalition-building purposes. In 2016 they could fill stadiums for Bernie. Presently it is still hard to get people involved, but we know that they were at least paying attention enough to come out then. It’s frustrating. Last year’s (off-year election) voter turn-out was pretty dismal – he says. But then there are candidates running all across the country and hardcore organizers writing Initiatives like I-1600 - which is a masterpiece of the People (Whole Washington) who came together and decided “to just do it”. And yet we are struggling desperately to get enough signatures to get it on the ballot, after what we saw in 2016 it should be easy, and yet it’s not. Of all the things that we need most, it’s people’s signatures - remember “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I-1600 needs your pen – bad. (Sadly the Initiative did not reach the threshold of verified signatures necessary to appear on the November ballot, but over 100,000 voters signed that they want universal healthcare (within WA)…) In many States you can do this. The People can get together and write an Initiative. If enough People sign it, it gets on the ballot. If enough people vote for it, then it becomes law. The idea is that the other States could follow suit and it would become Federal law. It is kind of like FairVote - where they are trying State by State to eliminate the Electoral College. It’s a way that can be a bottom-up change, with the people in the driver’s seat. It’s one of the rights we still have but we do need to fight, or these rights could be taken away from us - within our lifetimes.

We have seen a lot of judicial wins lately and a pushback against gerrymandering. Tell us about your second main issue – says John. Tyler then proposes to give us as short a version as possible of a very long story about “Article the First”. John smiles. We fought a war to create independence on this issue of Representation – Tyler continues. We didn’t have representation. We were being taxed. It basically looked like tyranny. This was the Revolutionary War and we came out the other end as a bunch of States that wanted to get together and make a greater whole. At that time there were 12 Amendments presented to the People. 10 passed like butter. Those are the 10 that are now called the Bill of Rights. The first one and the most important of those, the original First Amendment, didn’t pass immediately and got really complicated because of the issue of slavery. They had to come up with a compromise and eventually they did, but in the meantime the Library of Congress got burned down when the British invaded in 1812. What happened? Nothing happened. The Article was ratified by the required number of States but never enacted, never promulgated. It is potentially the answer to our problems, because it said - in less specific words, that we would have one Federal Representative for every 50,000 people. For a hundred years we have been capped at 435 people to represent the entire voice of the People. The system of Checks and Balances was always intended to have the People’s Voice as one of those Checks and Balances. That’s why it says in there that the House shall have sole power of Impeachment, because the House was supposed to check the President! If this were put in place, the numbers in the House of Representatives would then increase by a factor of about 8 and would leave the possibility of a bunch of us running for House of Representatives, creating a People’s Supermajority and restoring the People’s Voice in the government. I believe that the lack of the People’s Voice in government is the core problem with our Nation and that the real First Amendment (aka the Congressional Apportionment Amendment) is both the answer and the only way we can move forward into an era where we can do right by ourselves, our world, our country, our children etc. There is a lawsuit that’s going to the Supreme Court. It is named Laverne versus the U.S. House of Representatives. It brings up a number of points, but the main one is that this was ratified and we have the evidence. It is therefore the supreme law of the land. It is the Constitution. Both men are aware that this is an interesting opportunity that could work out or not. Tyler tells us to Google the Congressional Apportionment Amendment for more information. It was clear back then – he says, that if the People’s Voice in the government wasn’t protected, then exactly what happened to us (the problems we have today) was going to happen. But they wrote in the solution for us. We have it at our fingertips. John mentions that he would be concerned that there wouldn’t be enough people to actually represent everyone else. Yes - Tyler agrees, it is contingent on the people waking up and doing the work. Tyler is banking on them doing so, because he says if that doesn’t happen we are toast anyway.

John then talks about the Second Amendment to the Constitution and how Tyler’s interpretation has changed to some degree on this. 3 months ago – Tyler says, I would have said I believe pretty staunchly in the right to bear arms - and I still do, but I refer to it now as the spirit of the Second Amendment. What were they really saying with the Second Amendment? They were saying that might makes right and therefore the people should really be armed just in case somebody or someone wants to try and tyrannize them. Then Parkland happened and I had a lot of talks with a lot of people. I was just really inspired by the passionate voice of our young people and I started re-evaluating. As a result of studying the real First Amendment, I came to what is now the Second Amendment and in particular the first half of it. We need to maintain the spirit of the Second Amendment while holding true to our Constitution and preventing people from getting killed. The first half of the Second Amendment speaks of a well-regulated militia. Well, a well-regulated militia would have an age restriction, would have mental health requirements and would have people keeping tabs on you (as a weapon owner). The youngsters changed my mind. I am not one of those candidates who hold hard and fast to a particular point of view. I’m going to very strongly consider every side of everything again and again, especially (the opinions) of those who disagree with me and I’ll try to come up with more intelligent and highly-evolved solutions to these problems. My website needs updating on this issue. I apologize for that. I’ll see to it right after this show hopefully - if I can carve away a piece of time. I do believe there should be age restrictions, and if I get elected I’ll ask the people for their opinion on how I should vote on this matter. My point of view right now is that common-sense gun restrictions are definitely appropriate as is the citizens’ militia, but we need to do it intelligently and in a way that isn’t going result in madness – Tyler tells us. John is also conflicted, but for different reasons. He never thought anyone needed guns until he realized that the gun violence problems were really endemic within our police force. What should be done about that - asks John? What are you doing giving the Police an AR-15 and taking it away from the People? – Tyler replies by way of a question. There is something weird about that. Gun violence against Black, Latino and Native Americans is just off the charts. It’s all indicative of how out of balance we are. We need responsible use of military force including in the police force. On the other side, look at the movement of the Black Panthers – which was kind of a parallel movement to Dr. King’s movement, or look at the words of Che Guevara - Any revolution not backed by military might is doomed to fail. This basically is on the premise that might makes right. Looking around the world this seems to be the case. “Our armed forces are out there causing serious problems, well-armed and misusing that power. So…why take our energy and disarm the People when that blatant injustice is happening with those same weapons, on our Police forces? It’s crazy.” John doesn’t want to use violence to fix this, nor does he want to use weapons or money to fix his government. However he has to have money to get elected in order to fix the problems! “Our police force - you and I know it’s beyond a few instances … They go out and they indiscriminately murder people at this point. They get away with it, so it’s beyond even the gun violence. The judicial system is protecting them … how does the citizenry say – okay, well that’s okay and we’re going to have to put ourselves under regulations and rules here?” We are so out of balance that Tyler sees us as being poised for a paradigm shift, because we have to be. That’s how humans evolve. Throughout history we see that you either rise to the occasion and evolve into whatever is next, or the civilization falls - Tyler tells us. And we really are at that place.

I’m looking for solutions that are fundamental and systemic such as “Article the First” … a way to put the People and ideally the People’s consciousness back into the government so that we can start to correct those things. Tyler believes that with a well-represented House, with the People doing their job in the government, the natural consequences of that would be that people would be a little bit more engaged and able to interact with their voice in Congress and they would hopefully leave behind this sense of apathy, because there would be a channel by which they could communicate with their government. And all those things to me look like a way we could actually shift this paradigm in the very limited amount of time we have before we self-destruct. So (I’m) all for it, Article the First, and run for office, and get signatures … and … The Revolution continues – says John.

Bryan in YouTube chat asks “Would you consider any sort of extra regulations or bans on certain types of weapons in the light of your newfound knowledge, i.e. assault type rifles or weapons? As a Representative - Tyler says, I’d ask the People to tell me what they wanted me to do. My personal view is - sure we can self-govern those weapons, but if we are going to take the AR-15 away from the People, then we should also do so from the Police. They “don’t need that kind of firepower to police us!” It’s not that I’m for or against, but we need a reasonable compromise. By that I mean that regular civilians shouldn’t go above a certain “level” of weapon, but also should the cops really have tanks? You mean you wouldn’t allow them to buy all the used military-gear at a garage sale – John asks? It makes no sense and it’s not appropriate for the cops to be insanely well-armed – Tyler replies. We know how that goes. If we’re going to impose gun restrictions on ourselves to protect our children … we do still see the data. I’m not anti-cop, but the data is out there that the system, our entire government and our police forces are systemically broken in a way that people are getting blatantly murdered - sometimes on camera, and there is no justice for them. I’m grudgingly in favor of both (losing the guns) because I’d rather do the “Speak softly but carry a big stick” thing - at every level, from the 5 wings of the armed forces, to the military, to the People. The United States with the unquestionably most-mighty military in the history of … Earth … Imagine what we could do if we were to beat the swords into plowshares? We could turn this around real fast, and we could have the whole world fed and well-watered and well-educated in a single generation, and suddenly things wouldn’t look so damn insane.

Oz in YouTube chat comments that Shahid Buttar (another candidate) said that one of the best ways to combat capitalism is Medicare for All, and he asks whether Tyler agrees. Absolutely – is the reply. Life right now is like the end stages of a Monopoly game. One player has just about all the property and is building hotels, and the rest of us are running around and hoping to land on free parking as often as possible. Basically the game is over and it is already clear who has won, and it really kind of sucks for everybody else. This is capitalism. The 1% in this day and age has a monopoly on the money itself. The answer to rampant capitalism is socialism and figuring out ways (such as a social safety net) to balance things out so that the little guy doesn’t get crushed, can get help and then return to a thriving atmosphere. Capitalism left to its own devices would literally just enslave all of us. We are kind of right on the verge of that. I call it serfdom. So Medicare for All, or Universal healthcare is the most fundamental example of how we balance things out. Welfare itself is also an example. The United States is already a socialist country. We have socialized food, socialized education up through grade 12 and many, many other programs. It’s just a complete misnomer to say that we’re not, but the truth is we need to expand that and Medicare is the rallying point. It’s the cutting edge of that for us right now because we know that the capitalist system given its druthers is just going to prey upon the elders, the disadvantaged, those on the streets etc. and their situation will go rapidly downhill. Universal healthcare creates a safety net so that your basic needs are taken care of and hopefully you can stabilize and then overall we manage to create a society that is wholesome. Well said - says John, and it does make economic sense. We’ve seen all the numbers and all the other countries. We have the same problem with that as we do with every other logical solution … we have a government that doesn’t care. Yes - says Tyler, and there is a reason for that. It’s because the People have no voice in that government and they haven’t had for a long, long time. So - says John, running for office and achieving office is where the power lies? Exactly - says Tyler. And that’s why we’re here - adds John.

John moves on to sustainability and shows us a slide:

“Sustainability is a mindset (that is) applicable in every moment at every level of society. It’s how I chew my food, and how to breathe when I type. It’s the compost system, the car I’d prefer to drive, and the place I choose to work. It’s also the core principle in solving the climate crisis, as well as economic stability, again at every level. …Capitalism is powerful, yet it has two edges. On the one hand we have become wealthy and able beyond reckoning, but at what expense and what danger in continuing? The data is out; the scientists have filed their reports. We have to learn to live within our means in every aspect of our collective lives. Sustainability can be practiced in every moment, in every sphere, and often the first and biggest step is as simple as taking a deep breath.”

It seems to me what you’re really talking about is not just sustainability - as in green, but sustainability of government, because we have to get out of this war cycle that we have here. Tyler nods. “Well, dealing with our misuse of the war machine would really cure a lot of those problems right off the bat. But sustainability at every level is a challenging practice even in my own life. I’m a candidate, so I’m supposed to be driving all over the place and buying these plastic yard signs, and flying all over the place and leaving a huge carbon footprint and stuff like that. However sustainability when practiced turns out to be the cure. It’s economically stable you know. We can take some of the funds that are flying soldiers from point A to point B, and instead of spending those funds on bombs and guns, fix infrastructure and then divert even a small chunk of the money into making sure that our brightest and most flexible young people have the infrastructure that they need to develop the solutions for the new age, to figure out the next solar cell and to figure out how we are going to clean up the center of the ocean. Across the country we have hundreds of thousands of people who are bright, able, educated and ready to take on the problems that we have. All we have to do is give them the tools to do that and not turn them into slaves. That will lead into higher education. Yes we need it and we shouldn’t be coming out of there debt-ridden. We need to make sure that there is budget and infrastructure to empower the next generation to help us fix the problems we have created and that the generations before us have created. It is time, and everybody knows it. Walk down the street and ask ten people about the state of the world - and they’re going to run first of all because they don’t want to have the conversation, and the few that will talk are going to tell you how bad it is and how likely it is to get worse before it gets better.

Congressional District 6 seems to be fairly blue – John says. Does everyone there agree that the climate needs to be fixed? We have a couple of big population centers that are mostly blue and then we have a whole lot of rural space that is very, very red. I know folks – Tyler says, that are all the way red on guns and all the way red on climate control and all the way red on everything. They’ll give you a similar answer. They won’t tell you that we’re going die by greenhouse effects. They’re more likely to say that we’re going to be enslaved by the Democrats who are going to take away all the guns and declare martial law - or something. Tyler does though find common ground when he asks whether they like clean water and clean air – especially in district 6 which is mostly Olympic National Park. It is this huge bastion of rainforest and incredible wilderness. It’s just amazing and everybody loves it you know, across the board. I used to be a tree-sitter a long, long time ago in a previous life – Tyler tells us, and one of the things that we were doing at the time was getting to know the loggers because we and they understood that we weren’t enemies and that the enemy was really the corporate greed that was forcing them to clear cut. Every one of the many I talked to said that they didn’t want to clear cut the trees, that they would love to do it right and would, if given the chance. Eventually they did. They won the battle and created a sustainable company to do that job. But the point being, that those people despite being what we’d call crazy far right, were really after the same things we were. The difference was that they were in a job that put them out there and they needed to pay the bills and were beholden to the status quo from that angle. I see that all the time out here. Everybody I know loves the wilderness and wants it protected and sanctified. It’s just a very, very different approach to how that should be done. I think there are a lot of neoliberals in the same spot - says John with a smile. That’s definitely true - laughs Tyler. For him neoliberalism is mostly the most powerful 1% and the rest of the people have just been bamboozled by this whole controlled opposition thing. I think they work jobs - says John, in places that are bound to the 1% - in the financial sector for example. I think a lot of it has to do with that. I’ve got family members embedded on both sides of the discussion in their work force, because our work force has become our lives - in a profit-based society.

We’re going to talk about your ship shortly, but I just want to ask whether you agree that the money that is in the Military Industrial Complex - some ridiculous amount of money now, we could cut by an incredible percentage and use to fund everything else we have. Tyler absolutely does, and beyond that - he says, even if we were to keep the greatest military in the world - which you know we could just by being transparent and (in) integrity with our military, we could solve all those problems across the board from homelessness to mental illness. We could also feed the rest of the world - easily. The only problem is the greed that is in the driver’s seat and has been for a long, long time. We have to evolve past that. When we say re-distribute wealth – John says, a lot of people think that means take it away from the rich folk, but we’ll take it out of the Military Industrial Complex because that’s where it all goes. Even if life so far has been a game of Monopoly, we can’t erase all that stuff, but we can change how we are going to spend the money going forward and fix all these problems – Tyler responds. “It’s just a matter of choice and we need to put the conscious people in the place to make that choice.”

Laura has a question from Jilly in YouTube chat. Are you in favor of divesting from banks that invest in war and fossil fuels? And can you talk a little bit about public banks and publicly-funded elections? Yes – says Tyler. I’m in favor of both. I don’t necessarily favor so much divesting, because I prefer a non-antagonistic approach, but the public bank as an alternative solves that issue for me. I spent a lot of time talking to John Paul Comerford who was running for State Treasurer in 2016 and Bob Hasegawa who is a State Senator here. They were pushing this idea of a State bank and I think that solves a lot of our problems because it gives us a public option. It’s kind of like how socialism balances capitalism. They are actually technically mutually inclusive, not mutually exclusive like everybody thinks they are. The public bank would create that situation where something is checking and something is balancing, and we’re not stuck with this “crazy balls to the wall, all yang and no balance craziness that the banks have become”. I don’t want to delve too deep into it, but you start looking at the story of JFK and stuff like that and you know what happens when you challenge that kind of power. I think the real answer in these times is to favor the balanced solution and figure out a way to intelligently put the scales at even. Nice - says John.

Let’s talk about your opponent Derek Kilmer, the Democratic incumbent – John says. He’s remarkably “establishment”, loaded and takes a lot of money from a lot of the companies where my mom wanted me to work when I was growing up. Thankfully I didn’t end up working for any of them. Tyler ran as a Green Party candidate in 2016 against Derek – sort of. He actually withdrew to support another progressive candidate who was listed as an independent - Mike Coverdale. They found out right after it was too late to officially withdraw that there were two of them in the race. Tyler says he sure wishes Mike would run again, and puts it out there that “we need you man, we have so many more tools than we had in 2016 and could offer you so much (more) support than we did then”. John puts out an invitation to come on the show and offers to help him too. I backed out relatively early on – Tyler continues, to support Mike because it was clear that he was a great candidate. He’s a little bit older, as are his kids and he has more time and more space in his life to actually run for Office. I on the other hand felt it was appropriate for me to support all of the Berniecrats and I could do more with my time and energy if I wasn’t running. I’m running in 2018 because nobody else is doing it - again. Tyler can’t afford the $1,700 it costs to run for Congress. I think it’s crazy and prohibitive and it keeps all the people out – he says. For the same number of signatures - although you actually need more than that, i.e. for $1 per signature technically in my district - I can run for Office. And so I would really rather get a dozen volunteers together to gather signatures. So, check out to find a quick link to the petition. The signature (and this whole metaphor “the pen is mightier than the sword” to me is really special. In a perfect world I would be presenting 1700 plus signatures to the Secretary of State come filing week. John invites those listening to help Tyler out. Honestly - says John, that’s more powerful of a statement just there to be able to deliver those signatures. Then he reminds everyone that – in short, Derek Kilmore takes lots of money from people who make “war stuff” and he wants you to have “access” but we really need to put someone progressive in. WA, OR and CA are deceptively not as progressive as they think they are. And that is something that we’re definitively trying to challenge here.

So, let’s talk about your ship – John continues, and how you acquired it, because this is really cool. The ship’s name – says Tyler, is Nina Otaki which translates as father spirit in Cherokee. It was built by a stepfather and son team and it was kind of their legacy. The older man dies and the younger man takes over and raises his family on it. The years pass and he is pushing 80 and trying to figure out what to do with his ship. His kids didn’t want it. That’s when I came along, with some experience and a strong desire to be a part of cleaning up the oceans. I’d been working on my nautical skills for a decade in the hopes that someday we would have the bandwidth and the resources to take care of the oceans - which as with many things critically needs to be done. Anyway, one day we’re at a family reunion and my father gives me this piece of paper with a phone number and the words sixty-something-foot schooner. Dave the former skipper lowballed the length of it because he thought it might sell better. He had it stuck in a dock and it was costing him money. Anyway it comes to me basically just because he saw in me a vision for it moving forward and I was one of the few people willing to take on the risk of having a 78-foot boat. It was really expensive. I make $17 an hour. It lives at anchor. I can’t afford to put on a dock. It has been quite an ordeal, but the training and the wisdom that comes from having it in my life is irreplaceable. Between training crew and teaching lots of people about boats, the schooner doubles as a place to be for people who don’t have a place to be. It’s got three staterooms on-board and the idea was that it would be a lot of things including a progressive politics headquarters, a stage when parked on a peer with a sound system on-board and a candidate there with a band and everyone having a really rocking good time … and then it can go off to anchor and move about and be a place where those who really want to dedicate their lives to (positive) change will have a safe place to do so. So I’m kind of pecking away at that dream and still working my nine to five job and putting this tiny little piece of my budget into it every month trying to take care of this, that and the other thing. I’ll hopefully bring it down to the center of the election fiasco before the Primary. I’m trying to get down there for the big Medicare for All march in May if I can get the funds together for that. I’m looking for some good crew and looking for a captain. I’m applying for my captain’s license as we speak, but you know (it would be good to have) somebody else who can move the ship when I’m not available to do so, or if I’m away working at my job. It would be really helpful to have another able skipper and some funding would be super, super helpful! That’s actually a requirement for doing anything with it, let alone keeping it.

John adds that Tyler needs money for gas and that it costs to keep the ship on hook, in dock. As a former boat owner – he says, even though his boat was only about half the size, he’s well aware of all of this. It’s a beautiful, beautiful ship – he tells us, and John is excited when talking about the solo unit that Uphill Media has - which is a remote upstream-unit, and about having everything that would be necessary to do a live stream event from a boat. So if we could get the $5,000 that we need to get this ship worthy to do this stuff, along with the people then I would come up there with all of my massive shipman skills and bring the … Tyler lights up and says “That would be so cool, that would be so cool …”. We could get a live band up there and candidates. This is what we have to do with the progressive movement – John tells us! I’m excited about it – says Tyler. It’s a lot to think about and to deal with, but at the same time it’s also so much opportunity. It’s really a place that the people could gather. In a perfect world with three staterooms and enough space for a small army, we’d have a light crew that would live aboard all the time. Between however many people that were in the community that supported it, the ship could just be that and continue doing its work in the world. I have no attachment to where it goes but I’d really love to see those dreams realized. John asks Tyler about the gesture his (Tyler’s) dad made with regard to him being able to realize his dreams. Tyler shares with us that this came right after one of these long dark nights of the soul because it’s such a hard piece of life to have and the ship is a drain on resources and on time. Even though I love it with a passion it takes a lot from family time. However when I woke up that morning after putting up the GoFundMe and I kind of didn’t like the way it was set up or anything like that - and I saw that my father had donated $500 … something changed inside of me, and I was like maybe everything is okay and maybe I’ll keep it up. I immediately radioed the team and said let’s figure out how this is going to happen. Can we look at all angles in which we can bring this into blossoming into the dream that it’s supposed to be - instead of giving up and letting go of it. John thinks that is awesome and hopes the audience will help if they can. I’m going to be pitching in as soon as I get paid – he says, much to Tyler’s appreciation. Larry? Couldn’t Uphill Media pitch in too? Really, I mean this would be a beautiful asset. It’s a great idea.

You’ve got a lot of forward-thinking ideas Tyler and I really appreciate this. Thank you for running and for running on some core issues! Thank you also for running on more of a moon-shot - in a sense … If you remember back in 2015 there was this old dude who was talking about, what back then a lot of people thought were crazy concepts. Crazy - agrees Tyler, and all that stuff is mainstream now, two years later. It’s cool. He showed us – comments John, how to do it in our cities. You’re working on that in WA Congressional District 6, and I appreciate that.

Jilly in YouTube chat is asking about how Tyler is going to solve our capitalistic problems. Sorry – says John, there’s no time to answer that on this show. Tyler smiles and says go to Laura reminds people that they should reach out on social if they have burning questions that are a little more than the team want to deal with on air. Every good candidate will answer – she says. All progressive candidates are accessible. They make themselves available – adds John. Tyler joins in saying that that’s our job when running for Representative. Imagine that - jokes John! There was one thing I was going to say when you were talking about the police by the way. I’m not sure when it went from serving and protecting, to policing. Tyler responds - they’re protecting assets. Exactly - says John!

You chose Leonard Cohen’s Democracy as an outro – John mentions. Why? The man was a prophet – Tyler replies. He speaks of a kind of spiritual rebirth. He says that we are the crux of the problem and the solution. We are the mightiest military that the world has ever seen and we are misusing it. We are capitalism at its worst and at its best. We’ve got the best medicine and our people are dying on the streets for lack of it. There’s this crazy dichotomy of everything you could imagine. That’s when he says - okay yes … but this is where it’s going to change and we’re going to do it through democracy. Listen to the lyrics. They are spot on. He says it way better than me. To this John replies – yes, we were supposed to do that and then somewhere we became a military and forgot the democracy part. That’s right we did – Tyler says, and that’s “Article the First”. The people’s voice in the government literally got erased and probably on purpose…

Thank you for running Tyler - says John. It is - as you know, the most difficult thing to do!

The links are in the video description. Good luck on August 7th, 2018 Tyler Myles Vega!


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