If you vote Republican, you are pro-abortion, Really!

This is the progressive program that will take the mystery out of politics.

My good friend, Professor Cody Pogue writes insightful posts on his Facebook wall that becomes required reading. This one should make every anti-choice Republican take pause and realize they are really pro-abortion.

Fair-minded people know that pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. After-all, abortion is a personal thing between a woman, her doctor, and possibly her church and her God. The state has no business involving itself. Those who claim to believe in small government wanting it out of their lives more so than others should understand that.

Cody has the analysis that few Republicans will want to admit to because it blows a hole in their modus operandi as it relates to their anti-choice stance. He wrote the following Facebook post.

> If you vote Republican, you are pro-abortion. The only way to make abortion less common is to provide contraception, sexual education, reduce poverty, and a light at the end of the tunnel. Making abortion illegal will only push it underground, make it more common, and make it more deadly for the young women who try to give themselves abortions at home.



To be pro-life, you must stop trying to simply make abortion illegal and actually start trying to reduce the abortion rate. To be pro-life, you should stop voting to increase the level of air pollution in our city so that we can reduce the cancer rate. To be pro-life, you must vote to make sure every person has access to healthcare. To be pro-life, you must support programs to help poor mothers support their children. To be pro-life, you must support investment in science and medical research that can save lives.

Voting to force women to give themselves abortions at home does nothing to reduce abortion and it doesn't make someone pro-life. If anything, it increases the abortion rate."

It is hard to believe that the Evangelical Leaders and other purported pro-life anti-choice fundamentalist cannot see the correlation between fatality of their positions not only with abortion but as Cody points our, much more.

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welp that made my head spin

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

That sounds convincing but some republicans really just want to stop the funding though, public funding that is. Will that kill the abortion industry if it just relies on private funding?