I said this since day one. Trump, MAGA, All an act to win.

Politics are governance. It's supposed to be boring. It's the running of a country, not the NFL.

Hi everyone.

Your buddy Pat here. The anti politics moderator of a political site.

Why anti politics? Because both parties are both fighting a war against each other, despite wanting the same things, so their mere existence perpetuates a problem they both think they're solving.

See what I'm saying? You don't? That's cool because you don't have to. If you stick around long enough you will.

Also I loath the fact that we treat politics as a form of entertainment here.

It's the governance of our country, not Maury. Its supposed to be a boring job with people unfortunate enough to want to make a difference doing it. People doing the best they can despite an overly bogged down system that runs surprisingly well with or without them.

Yet we got like 38 different politics channels for pundits to talk shit on. They just talk shit, like real shit. The kind of stuff people get punched over. And we treat this as news. It's not news. It never was news. Its grown folks talking shit to each other.

And we eat it up and watch it. Pay big money to see them and then we wonder why our politicians act like the elite when we treat them like celebrities. Now getting into office means sitting on Jimmy Kimmel or Steven Colbert. How is that serving the people again?

We love to let this happen. It's ok. Sure you go out there and get all the cool shit I'm not Mr/Ms Politician, because I'll keep voting for you.

Smh. As in Shake my head.

Shake my #$%^&&%$ head.

So here we see a recording where President Trump, the lifelong Democrat and NYC Celebrity Billionaire, is seemingly measured and normal in an interview. A man who has spent a lifetime perfecting strategy, to the point you might say he perfected the "Art of the Deal", suddenly comes out a few years before the upcoming election talking the most ignorant, inflammatory, and egregiously racially insensitive stuff we've ever seen on TV. Seriously, he made fun of handicapped people and muslim war heroes. Dead ones. *cringe*

And in doing so spoke to an entire nation of people who had been sitting around for the past 8yrs thinking "That's the shit I've been wanting to say". And we are just supposed to think this is not a coincidence? Cambridge Analytica anyone? Anyone?

The man with almost unlimited resources and time to prepare gave the whole world the biggest FU ever and said, "Watch me win this thing".

And he did.

And yet people are soooo caught up on how stupid he sounds. On how "incompetent" the man who became president is.

Again Smfh.

If you know Sun Tzu , you know that no man can win a war if he only knows his side.

In fact he says you must not only know yourself, but you opponent, and the field with which you engage in combat. Only then do you ensure victory.

As this video shows while half the nation is screaming about how much of an idiot Trump is, he's continually behind the scenes setting things up so he stays winning.

Pat Greer is a kick ass dude who thinks you're an asshole for treating politics like entertainment.

He thinks if you want things to be mad about you can pay him money and he'll find things for you to be mad about.

You can send him money on the link below and he will send you a personalized video of something you should be really mad about.

As a bonus you will know there is no hidden contract or fee. All the anger of cable TV, without the commitment.


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