I’m losing faith in the possible redemption of Capitalism

This is the program that will encourage you to make sure government becomes we the people.

The more I learn about what the Americans that most Americans don't care about are really going through and the need to have them in that condition by design, I am actually losing faith in capitalism of any form. I have been preaching about creating the ethical and necessary redistribution component to save the best parts of it. But it seems that the coercive forces which include corporations' existence as legally and undying entities with more power and rights than the individual just may make that untenable. This means on a continual basis more and more must fall out of the middle class to sustain a group growing wealth faster than the economy at large. It is a mathematical reality.

As we get a new Congress and Legislatures with more Progressives, I am already seeing the above-mentioned coercion at work to continue to limit the power and wants of the population. I am seeing it locally with our purported Progressive mayor and some in his cabal attempting to sellout our schools to private entities on the sly. I see it statewide as Democrats break bread in a fundraiser to raise money for a Republican speaker with interests diametrically opposed to ours. And I am seeing it nationally with a centrist Establishment cabal trying to force Nancy Pelosi to disregard her Progressive flank as well as the coercion reported by our friend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at all the newcomers.

I want to remind all that a pure free enterprise system can exist without the coercion of capitalism, a system where those who only have capital but not skin in the game benefits the most from the free enterprise of others. The problem we have is that few have the time and wherewithal to sit down and think these things through. America has a strong work ethic. As the corporatocracy creates dire financial straits for most, we just work more and more. Where one person could sustain the family, now it not only requires the two heads of household but many times the children as well. Now families are even doubling up households.

It will be necessary for us to find an answer to the 10% to 20% that are guarding the doors for plutocracy. Some are getting the message as they see their own children falter because of the unsustainability of the system (massive student debts, health care, outsourcing, and offshoring even professional jobs). We are now activists together. Some are seeing how quickly they can go from boon to bust without any real care from the corporation after they are done with them. Yes, I get those emails too. Some are empathetic and understand that they can be that force of change from within and as such, they are our silent supporters. But there is that one group who are ripe for the outcome if we are not successful in changing the course of this juggernaut without them; the pitchforks for those most wedded to protecting the system that sees them as just a commodity albeit one that cost a bit more to maintain.

I am expanding many of these concepts in the book I am writing titled "How to Make America Utopia." I am currently writing the chapter on our indoctrination which is germane to this commentary. Those most agnostic to what I am saying here will object to what their eyes and reality are showing them and instead stay on the indoctrination points that have been promoted before the inception of this country and further boosted by the Powell Manifesto. Stay tuned and I would love your comments.

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It has its good points, it's just that people's greed has to be curbed.

The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

Capitalism may have its merits. But then most people get way too greedy.