Donald Trump rode to office promising a deportation force that would arrest and expel undocumented immigrants across the country. He has done what he promised. Shortly after assuming the presidency, Trump reversed the Obama administration’s policy of deprioritizing the deportation of noncriminal immigrants. He also encouraged Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents to step up their raids and collaborate with local police. The result has been an unprecedented crackdown on immigrant communities.

ICE has arrested parents dropping off their kids at school and assault victims obtaining protective orders. It has seized disabled children, raided hospitals, and refused to release pregnant detainees. Its agents have been accused of falsifying evidence and subjecting immigrants to sexual abuse and physical assault. They’ve deported individuals who helped the U.S. government combat terrorism and gang violence back to their home countries, where they face certain persecution and possible death. Currently, ICE is attempting to deport an honorably discharged veteran who may have been the victim of entrapment.

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He wants to protect good immigrants. If the immigrants are illegal but good, what does he do? ICE only does enforce laws against illegals.