Conversation between me and a friend who has devolved into a racist (VIDEO)

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A friend I thought I knew, a white man, sent me the video in this blog post. I had to decide if I should show it or not. I figured if he is distributing it around through social media, he likely represents thousands. So yes. I need to send it out with a corrective narrative.

This friend is Canadian but really exists in Canada and the U.S. because of his work and his daughter. We were good friends but a little bit about that later.

Those invested in a Republican win are attempting to make the "White Man" believe that the other wishes him harm or pain. This is both dangerous and a lie.

Here is the recent chat after he sent me the video.

Me: Do you really fall for that cherry-picked crap. That is dangerous. Do you feel like a victim? I figured you would be too smart to fall for this.

Friend: I’m not sure what’s cherry-picked. If you actually watched the entire video you’d see reference to a plethora of hate towards white folks. I don’t want hate from anyone. Since identifying as a conservative I’ve never seen so much vitriol and hate directed at us. I especially feel deeply sorry for black conservatives who are really treated awful. It’s dangerous to come out as a conservative if you’re black today, that’s why I don’t blame you for sticking left.

Me: If there are millions of stories and 1% are anti-white, I find it distressing how many attempt to make it the norm. That is dangerous especially when it gets into the mind of the unread, unschooled, or sick. Black folk suffer indignities day in and day out. It defines our existence, yet most don't try to project with a wide brush unduly. I hope you try to get out of the racial space you seem to be in. It really clouds the mind and prevents one's ability to discern causality. I hope you do not project these thoughts to your kids. My daughter lives a wonderful multicultural/multiracial experience as I do. It is so much more rewarding and experiential than concentrating on those who hate and giving them a canvas to define you and others. Step back before it's too late brother. Good night. I am going to bed.

Friend: I come from the country that invented multiculturalism. It’s not working out there any better than it is in Europe bro. Ironically, the US has developed a form of multiculturalism that is working well. that’s why we like it here.

Friend: My Canadian friends and I have a few all hate Canadian multi-culture nonsense. We have nothing but problems with it.

Me: Good luck in the world :).

Friend: We obviously differ politically but I like you Egberto because you’re far more than cheap talk.

Friend: Let me give you an example of multiculti failure from my own experience. Before that, though it’s like socialism in that it looks great on paper but in practice, it doesn’t work because it presupposes the goodness in humanity. People are inherently a bit greedy and a bit racist. This much has been established as scientific fact as uncomfortable as it may be.

Me: Call me.

Friend: My hometown is 90% ethnic. We have great restaurants, festivals, and stores, especially of the predominantly Asian variety. We also have Caribbeaners, Hindu’s and Syrians of course and a few old white guys. I can’t call right now as I’m in the gym. I’ll call ya later though. The schools are 95% Asian, especially university. Now all of this is fine but here’s the part that gets messed up.

Me: We need to talk. There is an attack on white men but it's not from, where you believe. [This where I was going to give him the speech about white men as pawns to the plutocracy. Make them believe the 'others' are harming them and then they become the soldiers/stooges of a few guys who look like them but screwing them royally.]

Friend: Our PM has determined there is no actual Canada it’s a multiculti country so everybody is a Haitian Canadian or Chinese Canadian. There is no actual Canada. You are what you were before you immigrated here. No need to learn another language. So of course as you can imagine we have these tight little communities that end up being run exclusively for their own race, in their own language. I can go an entire day in Vancouver with no service in English or French. I literally have to get someone to translate for me at the bank, the dentist office or the mall. My daughter speaks English, French and Russian but since most of the big malls are owned by Chinese she can’t get a job in them without Chinese. This is marginalizing an entire population of non-Asians in Canada. We have regular debates on whether businesses from ice cream shops to pharmacy have the right to display signs and billboards exclusive Mandarin and Cantonese. They do and it means there are many places we don’t have access to. Even little things like the ingredients label of a food you might want to buy. If they’re in Chinese, then what? This is the reality of pure multiculturalism.

[By then I was checked out. But I will talk to him. This thing is cancer well designed by the plutocracy and most don't know.]

Friend: There is no Canada according to our PM. You see these festivals but you never see other cultures participate. Beauty pageants, singing contests. It’s not the Vancouver beauty pageant, it’s the Asian beauty pageant. If you’re white or black, sorry you don’t qualify. As it turns out my daughter decided to learn how to sing in Chinese so now she’s the world champion in Chinese Singing. She’s toured all over China as the Taylor Swift of China. But she had to learn Chinese singing to be accepted. Not everybody wants or can do that. Some people want to stick with English and French.

So finally, if you were to go to any school in Canada you would see a great deal of effort placed on mixing up the ethnicity of the kids in the formal class settings. Yet as soon as recess lunch and extracurricular and mall hanging start they all break out to their ethnic groups. The Chinese hang together. There is no way you’ll see them inviting the Haitians over. It’s just like in prisons where they all find their racial identity. Furthermore, when it comes time to award scholarships, positions and elections people are is based on their race. There’s no way a Chinese owned law firm is going to pick a white girl, Haitian or Mexican over an ethnic Asian. Not a chance. They’ll just make Chinese proficiency a requirement and since Chinese is not easily available as a course curriculum they always get the job. Even more insidiously, they know that they have Chinese relatives back home. They can keep that Chinese employee under tight control by threatening the relatives back home.

Friend: Now you extend that to every other racial group in Canada and you can begin to maybe understand why your multicultural society is a nightmare!

The problem with this debate is there is a lot of truth to many of the things my friend is saying. All the problems with multiculturalism can be addressed with communications and the airing of the concerns of all to some acceptable resolution. Notice I still call this guy 'my friend.' Why? We go back a long time and have done stories together etc. I am not naive that I don't know there has always been that undisplayed racist node in him. But it was likely controlled like a manageable disease. There can always be a cure for a manageable disease but as is now throughout much of the West, it is coming out of remission.

I can either walk away or decide to at least try to work with the people succumbing to this thing. I choose the latter. I may or may not be successful. But not doing anything is sure failure.

Instead of working from a positive modal to address the issues of multiculturalism, many on the Right throughout the world are weaponizing it for the gain of a select few using white people as the ammunition. And we all know at the end, the ammunition is all blown up and useless.

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That is a horrible horrible way to treat your citizens. Canada is multicultural but its official language is English and French. Awful

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


First, good for you; for sticking around to work for better things. It's much harder than walking away. Like you, I found the video to be tremendously condescending on many levels. It has undertones that I feel very uncomfortable with.


Interesting that we have populists in power for all the NAFTA countries. A globalist populist in Canada, a nationalist populist here in US, and a socialist populist in Mexico.

Sam Jenkins
EditorSam Jenkins
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