CNN rips Jeff Flake: ‘Is there anything more empty in American politics than a t

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Jeff Flake (R-AZ) gets a lot of kudos from the mainstream media supposedly for standing up to his party. When he held up the Kavanaugh hearing under the pretext of an FBI investigation it was all show. He is doing the same again now about holding his votes on judges unless his party brings to a vote legislation to protect the Mueller investigation.

CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin is no longer buying into the Jeff Flake's shenanigans. When asked about Flake's new stunt, he exploded.

"Just like you know is there anything more empty in American politics than a threat from Jeff Flake," Toobin said. "Who has made his entire career by folding every time Mitch McConnell. Breathes hard, I mean Mitch McConnell is gonna squash Jeff Flake like a bug as he always does and the idea that Jeff Flake is gonna hold up anything to protect Robert Mueller is in my opinion absurd. Mitch McConnell has said we don't need a law to protect Robert Mueller and that means there's not going to be a law to protect Robert Mueller. I mean Mitch McConnell is in charge. Jeff Flake is wandering off into the into the darkness, his last few days as a Senator. I mean that this is not a fair fight, Mitch McConnell and an a hundred pound weakling name Jeff Flake is just not, you know, that that is not going to happen and that means that the administration is going to have a free hand to do with Mueller what they will and we'll see what happens."

Kudos to Toobin for saying it straight. Too many times these Republican Senators gives the semblance of doing something good then harming the pop

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I keep wondering if it's just the last name that stirs up negative feelings. Let us all look beyond it and towards the truth. It doesn't help if we're on attack mode all the time.